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December 18, 2018

Fall/Winter 2018 Q&A.

     I have done a couple fun Q&A's on Instagram Stories lately, and I thought it would be fun to add all of the questions and answers into a blog post! Q&As are some of my favorite types of posts to read on other blogs- I think they are a really fun way to learn more about someone outside of their normal blog posts. The last time I shared a Q&A blog post was actually last winter, so I'm well overdue for a new one!

{Outfit from this blog post}

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     What are your favorite books that you read in 2018? The short answer for now is this trilogy! I actually have a whole blog post planned on this topic for January! I've realized I'm not so great at keeping up with monthly book blog posts, so there are a lot of great reads from this year that I've forgotten to review or feature on the blog.

     What is your favorite state you have visited and why? This is a hard one as I love to travel, but I have to go with North Carolina! The first time I visited (for college visits as a senior in high school) I fell in love and immediately couldn't wait to move there. I loved visiting so many places in NC during the years I lived there, but I still feel like I have so much more to see of that state in the future!

      Are there any shows you've been binge watching lately? Fun fact about me: I don't really binge watch stuff! I'm much more into network TV because it's only one new episode a week- much more my speed. 😂But the show that I have been watching on Netflix lately when I have free time is Friends! I've never seen it in full, and I started it on Netflix last year. Since I suck at binge watching, it's been a whole year of watching it and I'm only on season five!

     Do you regularly attend a church? YES! I was so so so lucky to find my amazing church just six weeks after moving to Charlottesville. I am in a women's bible study group, I was in a co-ed bible study this summer, and as of a couple months ago I began to teach Sunday School twice a month! I attend my church every single weekend unless I am out of town.

     What is your favorite winter shoe currently? I love wearing my Tory Burch riding boots each winter season, but this year since I live back South I've still been wearing these booties a lot! Back in Vermont, bootie season ended in mid-October. But living in Virginia now I get to wear my favorite booties almost year around, just as long as there's no snow!

     Do you have any siblings? I am an only child!

     Where did you get your tan OTK boots? This pair of boots can be found here!! (I received my pair for a blog collaboration, but they are pretty affordable and I'd definitely recommend buying them!)

     What is one of your goals for 2019? To date more! I shared a couple months ago on the blog that in 2018 I took a year-long break from dating apps. While I think this was amazing for me emotionally and gave me a lot of newfound confidence as a single woman, I think that in 2019 it's time for me to start making more attempts to date and meet guys. I've had a lot of anxiety about dating in the past (and still do), and I'd like to become more comfortable with it this year!

     What's something you splurge on? Getting my nails done a couple times a month! Last year I got gel manicures, but this year I started doing dip nails (SNS) and I've never looked back! Here's a blog post all about how much I love dip nails.

     What is your weekly workout and cooking routine like? Such a good question! I'm scheduling a blog post on my editorial calendar for this winter to go over my fitness routine. The short story about that is I struggled since graduating college to find a fitness routine that I enjoyed and looked forward to, but I joined a gym this past September and that has helped a lot! I try to workout 4x a week. As far as my cooking schedule... that's something I need to get better about making into a routine for 2019. In Vermont I was much better about meal prepping and sticking to a cooking schedule! I still love to cook and bake and try usually 2-3 recipes a week, but my cooking isn't on any sort of a schedule, and it really should be again. I'll definitely update next year if I get better at that!

    If you have any more questions for me, you can always email me or send them on Instagram! 😊 I love writing these posts. Also- thank y'all for the kind words on yesterday's big announcement! Talk to y'all tomorrow for Midweek Ramblings!

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese



  1. This is such a fun post idea! I may have to do this on my blog at some point in 2019! I've also been watching Friends, I just finished season 7. I'm not binging it but I really do enjoy it!

  2. I have been wanting to try out dip nails so badly! It's on my list to do soon. Love the idea of doing a Q&A at the end of the year!

  3. I can never go back to gel. I love SNS so much.

  4. First of all, you look so beautiful in your photo!! I love Q&A's because I feel like you learn so much about the blogger. :) My brother just moved to North Carolina and I can't wait to go visit him. I also loved the Crazy Rich Asians movie so maybe I need to read the trilogy!

  5. Q&As are always so fun to read. I am excited to learn more about your fitness routine and stuff. I'm nosy like that lol.


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