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August 29, 2018

Midweek Ramblings.

Summer Fun - River Tubing

{Sneak peek at the fun I had visiting Virginia's Blue Ridge last weekend- a highlight was tubing on the James River! Follow me on social media @miss_alk}

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  • Viral Bridezilla story: My friend Cara first found this crazy wedding planning story through Twitter during our trip this weekend, and now it's being picked up by several news outlets! This is insane... this woman sounds absolutely delusional and is the definitely the definition of a Bridezilla. Have you seen it yet? 
  • Big Bang Theory ending: I am a HUGE fan of the TV show The Big Bang Theory- I've seen every single episode, and most of them many times. I'm not sure why I find this to be the funniest comedy on television, but I do. Naturally, I was devastated to read the news that this upcoming season will be the last for this show! This is a rare show that I think has gotten better with age- I can only hope Season 12 goes out with a BANG! (Pun intended.)
  • 6th Blogiversary next week: I can't even believe it, but Southern Belle in Training turns SIX next week! (I started my blog on my 18th birthday, so my birthday is the same date!) Every year, I like to do a fun post for my blogiversary! Last year I did a post of 23 different lists of five things (Since I was turning 23, and my blog was turning 5). I'm considering doing that format of a post again, except with the numbers 24 and six (So 24 different lists of six answers)! Or I might scratch that idea do a Q&A. Please let me know what type of post you'd like to see! 

Weekend Recaps:
  • Last weekend: I visited Virginia's Blue Ridge region as apart of a press trip! My friend Cara from Caralina Style joined me, and we had so much fun. I will be sharing much more about this in two travel guide posts- first one will be published tomorrow. This is such a cool area of Virginia and very affordable to visit, I'd highly recommend a trip there! 
  • This weekend: Can't believe I'm finally able to say this on my blog.... I've literally been waiting to go back since the day I moved away. This weekend I get to go BACK TO CHARLOTTE, NC!! The beautiful city I called home for four years. 😊 I am overjoyed to see my friends (some of them who at this point feel as close as family!), and to have an early birthday celebration in the city I love so much.

  • I found a pair of the cutest metallic loafers on major sale at Express. If you follow my Work OOTDs that I post on Instagram Stories, you'll see that I've worn them to work the past two days! They are sold out online unfortunately, but this pair is an identical shoe, just made of suede instead of metallic faux leather.


  • Thinking all things Lilly Pulitzer since the After Party Sale was announced! Hoping these will be included in the sale. 
  • If there ever was a wrap dress that screamed "Annaliese" - it's this one! 
  • One of the best things about Kendra Scott jewelry is their fabulous birthday discount program in-store! I will definitely be taking advantage of that for my birthday next week... I have my eye on this bracelet!
  • This skirt is everything for fall/winter!! I am obsessed with the pretty light blue color. 
  • The cutest tassel bow bag, and it comes in a few colors. 

Recipe of the week: Skillet Chicken and Rice from America's Test Kitchen.  The America's Test Kitchen TV Show Cookbook has become one of my favorites- my high school best friend Jules bought it for me for Christmas last year. All of the recipes that I've tried so far have been great. Last week for dinner I made the Skillet Chicken and Rice- it also was a great lunch at work the next day!

Song of the week: You by Britt Nicole. Throwing it way back for the song of the week! This was my jam in middle school. Lately my local Christian radio station has been playing old Britt Nicole a lot, and I'm all about it! 



  1. I was truly devastated to hear about Big Bang. My husband and I LOVE it so much. It's also so funny that you're headed back to Charlotte and we're moving to Cville this weekend! Have so much fun!!!

  2. Such a cute striped swimsuit! I need to remind myself Summer is practically over and STOP buying cute suits!

  3. That bridezilla story is insane! Talk about delusional! Happy 6th Bloggiversary. I can't wait to get there.

  4. Definitely going to check out those loafers. I've been looking for some cute and affordable ones.

  5. Oh wow that Bridezilla story is INSANE, I'm telling you weddings can make people crazy! Have SO much fun in Charlotte this weekend

  6. So sad about Big Bang Theory ending!


  7. girl that swim suit is super cute.. I need that in my life.. Also I am so butt hurt bug bang theory is ending!!!

  8. I saw that thread on Twitter too - I couldn't believe it!! Your recipe of the week looks delicious. I'm pinning it to make later!

  9. Those loafers are perfection! So versatile and great for Fall!

  10. That skirt is perfect for fall! I saw that Bridezilla story too- absolutely bonkers.

  11. Oh sounds like you had a blast visiting Virginia. I'm going to need to check out that Skillet Chicken and Rice recipe cause it sounds right up my alley.

  12. Congrats on your 6 year blogiversary! I just celebrated my second and cannot believe how fast time has gone! It's true what they say: time does fly when you're having fun!

  13. I saw that bridezilla story and I was like, "Bridezilla? More like Bride-thulu!" The sense of entitlement there is just insane!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  14. I'm a HUGE TBBT fan as well! I knew it was coming to an end, but that didn't make it easier-I'm still sad haha.

  15. Congrats on almost 6 years of blogging, what an accomplishment! That trip sounds amazing and I LOVE that wrap dress too!

  16. I had to skip over the Big Bang section as I'm behind and can't hear any spoilers! LOL. Interested in reading the viral bridezilla story for sure! Your recipe of the week sounds great - I've been LOVING my Green Chef meals lately.

  17. That bridezilla story took up so much of my day reading it BUT I was obsessed! That is such a crazy story! And I didn't know Kendra Scott had a birthday program... I have to get in on that!


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