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August 15, 2018

Midweek Ramblings.

Better Together Worship Service

{A look at the amazing worship service that I attended in Downtown Charlottesville this weekend, to mark the one year anniversary of the 2017 riots in the city. More about this below! Follow me on Instagram @miss_alk} 

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  • Beautiful words about Waiting: I've followed Nicole Cole's blog for many years- I think since the year I started writing Southern Belle in Training! She is quite a woman of faith, and her posts about Christianity and faith related topics through the years have always been an encouragement to me. Last week, Nicole wrote three posts all on the subject of Waiting. Whether you're waiting to get married, waiting for a child, waiting on a new job, or something else, I know that you will be blessed by these posts!! I only wish she'd written them last year when I was still in Vermont. 😉
  • 7 minute challenge: I've been trying to find more creative ideas to mix up my workouts over the past few weeks! I've been getting back into fitness videos, and I really love finding ones that I can do in the comfort of my living room- they're great for days I don't make it to my apartment gym for a full workout! Last Wednesday, I first did this video for a 7-day 7-min fitness challenge. These exercises and stretches kick your butt, and it's been fun to see my stamina get better each day of the week that I've done the video. I want to check out more of Lucy's videos! 
  • Better Together worship service: This weekend, I was blessed to have the opportunity to attend the most amazing event here in Charlottesville. I posted the photo above on my private personal Instagram and my Facebook, with this caption: "One year ago, I was in Vermont, working my usual Saturday/Sunday air shifts in my old studio. In between talk breaks, I was glued to the news online about violent riots happening in a city in Virginia called Charlottesville. 1) I couldn’t believe that type of hatred was so alive and well, and 2) I was mind boggled that as a self-proclaimed geography nerd and someone who had driven through VA many times, I didn’t think I’d heard of Charlottesville Virginia. One year later, and this charming, beautiful, love-filled place in Central Virginia is my home. Tonight I had the honor of attending a worship service in downtown Charlottesville with hundreds (maybe over 1000?) of my Christian brothers and sisters, friends and neighbors, from ALL types of Christian churches in Charlottesville. We worshipped and prayed together, and it was one of the most special things I’ve ever seen. THIS is the CVille I’ve fallen in love with- a place where God is living and working."

Weekend Recaps:
  • Last weekend: I hosted Girls' Night at my apartment for several awesome ladies from my church! I can't say enough how amazing my new church community is here in Charlottesville. And the best part is everyone is always down to hang out! 😊 On Saturday I started my day with a great workout in my apartment gym, called both my parents, and then headed to a housewarming party. After that, my friend Eden and I headed to a really fun evening event called Starry Nights at Veritas Vineyards. We had a great time- more on that in tomorrow's blog post! Sunday was church, brunch and sermon discussion after church with friends, and then I attended the Better Together worship service (mentioned above). 
  • This weekend: I am having an Annaliese date on Saturday, which is much overdue! My year in Vermont showed me that I actually really do enjoy spending time in my own company, and that it's important to do that regularly. I'm planning to head out of Charlottesville on Saturday and enjoy a solo day of exploring Virginia and I actually can't wait! I have busy weekends coming up, so it'll be nice to have a solo day. On Sunday, it's my first time hosting the weekly brunch and sermon discussion that my church's young adults group does each week after church. If the weather is nice, I'm hoping to have it outside at my apartment pool! 

  • My dad kindly ordered me these water shoes! I was considering getting a pair of Chacos for outdoor activities (I think I mentioned this in a recent Midweek Ramblings post), but all in all Chacos are just not my style in the least! Haha. I did need some sort of water shoes though for an upcoming weekend activity, and these fit the bill! I'm normally a size 9 but I ordered an 8.5 after reading sizing reviews, and they fit perfectly.

  • I saw these adorable pens featured in another blogger's post this week, and I immediately bookmarked them! SO cute! I am totally a sucker for fun school supplies.
  • Another amazing Amazon find that I bookmarked from another blog post... this mug rack! I have so many mugs that I'm starting to run out of room in their designated kitchen cabinet. I think I need this! 
  • I've had my eye on this pretty bralette for months- and Nordstrom just started carrying it in more colors!
  • Kate Spade has entered the smart watch business, and this one is so different and cute! 
  • A ruffled floral dress that's ideal for late summer, and under $50!

Recipe of the week:

Song of the week: Outlaw by Selena Gomez & the scene. (Lol remember when Selena Gomez had the scene band? TBT!!) This song was never one of Selena's hits, but it was always one of my favorite songs by her. I totally forgot about it and rediscovered it on Spotify last week- isn't that the best feeling? 

On the blog this week: 

      xoxo Annaliese



  1. A you really seem to be thriving in your new home! I am so happy to see you SO happy! Have a great "you" day this Saturday and have fun hosting brunch on Sunday <3

  2. oooh i'm going to try those 7 minute challenges! I need to get my butt in shape LOL

  3. Love your midweek wrapup! I also can not wrap my head around Chacos... I keep considering it and then I change my mind because... can I do a hiking sandal? Even if it's INCREDIBLY comfortable and practical for traveling and adventuring? Not so sure!

    Glad you are really loving Charlottesville and thriving in your new community!

  4. What a spiritual weekend you had!

  5. ahh so many plans! So happy to seee you seeming so happy! I'm going to try the 7 min workout!

  6. Ahh I've been looking to getting a smartwatch but that Kate Spade one is a GAMECHANGER! Totally looking into it now!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  7. I love that you do this! You've had an eventful week! Also- those cookies!! I'll be making those this weekend!

    Kendra B

  8. Ooh I love the things on your wishlist. Anything Kate Spade is definitely always high up on my list. That watch is amazing!

  9. A girls night sounds like so much fun! I am getting together with some high school friends this weekend! Also, I have been wanting that FP bralette forever. Totally going to buy it.

  10. You always find the best items and articles in your "thoughts round-ups!" I always find something new and fun!

  11. That bralette is super cute!! And omg, Selena and the scene band, what a throwback- when I was younger I thought it was so cool that she wanted to have a band back her up haha.


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