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February 6, 2017

Relationship Monday: So...I'm Single.

     I've been absolutely LOVING reading y'all's repsonses to my blog's very first reader survey (there's still time to take it if you haven't! Take it here!!). I'll be going over the results and plans for moving forward in Wednesday's post, but something that has already stuck out to me so much is that y'all really want to see more personal blog posts, in addition to my fashion posts. So today kicks off the first post in a new Monday series: Relationship Mondays! I won't be sharing these posts every Monday, as I do still enjoy posting fashion content on the first day of the new week. But expect to see these posts on Mondays hopefully 1-2 days per month (with fashion posts on other days those weeks).

    So in other words, here's to 2017 being the year of me biting the bullet and just doing things that I've been too scared to do! Haha.  Fears can hold us back from a lot of things: mainly for fear of what others might think of us, but other fears can as well. Sometimes fear is a good thing- our conscience can prevent us from doing behaviors or saying things that are dangerous or toxic, or would be a bad situation. But other times, fears can be unwarranted, and can prevent us from things that would actually be good in the long run.

     Such is the case with me writing blog posts about relationships/dating/singleness/etc/. These are topics that I've been wanting to write about on my blog since well, the beginning, which was over four years ago! But other than writing one blog post that just touched on my experiences with trying dating apps last year, I've been too scared to share. I'm not really sure in what this fear is rooted in. After blogging for over four years, I've become very accustomed to sharing a lot of parts of my life on my blog and social media, for anyone who wishes to see. A lot of times it's very fun and lighthearted content that reflects my passions, such as all of my fashion content. Sometimes it's writing about topics that have a bit more meaning to them, like faith posts. And rarely, a post about something very serious and personal, like sharing about how I was the victim of a crime last year. My point- I'm not afraid to write or share about different aspects of my life, including the more serious parts. But for some reason, a fear and a big insecurity has continually held me back from writing the posts I've wanted to write regarding relationships.

     Maybe it's because I'm scared that people (especially people in my real life who read the blog) will judge me more after reading posts on this topic? Maybe it's because writing about this means exposing some of my biggest insecurities of all to the world? Maybe a combination of both? I'm not really sure. But either way, let's make 2017 the year of tackling these fears, and finally feeling free enough to write about these topics.

     There aren't many things that I would ever say that I'm an expert in (in fact I think that calling oneself an expert in anything is generally speaking a bit cocky), but as far as being young and single.... that is one thing that I will be the FIRST to say that I am definitely an expert in. Gosh, if there was like a certification program or way to gain licensure for it, like a professional badge that I could display, I'd have it. Haha. It's something that I've lived through for many years and seasons of life now. Just like a person grows and changes with time, a long period of singleness is something that grows and changes as well. There are times when I love being single and wouldn't trade it for the world, and there have also been times when it is my greatest burden and pain. It really does have its highs and lows.

     And by saying all of that above... I don't want y'all to think that for the past several years, I've just sat around moping at the fact that I haven't had a boyfriend. That couldn't be further from the truth! I've causally dated a bit in the past several years- both guys that I've met in person through college or other means, and also through a couple different times of trying dating apps.  Each dating experience has been one of learning (and has lead to a few funny stories along the way too!).

      I guess this has probably been the longest blog post introduction ever to a post series.... but it's my very long way of saying these three things:

     1. I'm single (and my standards are high, and I'm not afraid to admit that or ashamed in any way by that).
     2. I trust God 100% to lead my love life, as I trust Him with other aspects of my life, but I also believe that dating/relationships/singleness are a combination of trusting the Lord and putting in effort on our parts/stepping out of our comfort zone when He sees fit, or gives a sign that it's okay to.

     3. It's time to GET TALKING about all of this + more on the blog! 😉

     Hope that y'all are ready.... I've only touched the tip of the iceberg in today's post!

     xoxo Annaliese



  1. Excited for this series! I love bloggers who share tidbits from their personal lives. I always enjoy reading about dating!

  2. Love how honest you are! No need to settle for someone, and you are a great example of that!

  3. I think thats awesome you're going to start to right more personal posts! Love that you want to share this with your readers!

  4. glad you've decided to share more personal things! I've been single for ages too but full disclosure I actually prefer it haha excited to hear your pov on it too! x

  5. I always love when people share little parts of their life on their blogs! Can't wait to read this series :)

  6. Girl Preach it!!!! I am single too and honestly I have never been happier. I am still trying to figure out who i am and I am way to busy being a boss babe to worry about having a boyfriend.

  7. I dealt a lot w/ self-conscious about what I do or don't share on my site. while I love my #ootds, I am a v creative writer who wants to incorporate that into her site! but with a demographic that's looking for fashion and beauty, I worry about how they'd receive posts like that. all the power to you w/ this girl - I can't wait to keep reading your #relationshipmondays! x, nicole //

  8. You are so brave to open up about something so personal. I think you're doing the right thing in focusing on yourself and what you want.

  9. You do you girl! I can't wait to read more on this series and hear your perspective, especially since we're both opposites in this realm!
    Amy | Pastel N Pink

  10. Loving this bright color outfit! You look fabulous!

    Edwige |

  11. I love this post and can't wait to read the rest of the series! Even though I'm a few years younger than you, I do sometimes the struggle of being single and really love all of your posts on this topic as they are so helpful!


  12. Aww thanks for sharing your personal stories in this blogging platform. We should all be grateful that this is just part of growing up, and we've had the opportunity to experience more than others. Looking forward to read more!

    Julia || Closet de Jules || Recent Post - This Season's Cutest Bags


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