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February 16, 2017

Results of My First Reader Survey!


      Thanks so much to everyone who took my blog's first-ever reader survey a couple of weeks ago! The results were much more helpful, interesting, and heartwarming than I ever could have predicted. I'm just mad at myself that I haven't decided to do a reader survey sooner, but better late than never, right?!  I've already started making a few content changes since going over the results of the survey,  but I wanted to share everything with y'all. If you didn't get a chance to take the survey, feel free to leave some of your thoughts about the results, or my blog in general, in a comment on this post!

     *Almost 40% of you have been reading Southern Belle in Training for 2-3 years (OMG!). The rest of you were a huge mix in terms of how long you've been reading the blog... some of you have been around since the very beginning (4+ years), and some of you are newer followers. Either way, I'm so happy that each and every one of you are here!

     *Almost 70% of you read my blog either "every time there's a new post" or "a few times a week." This was amazing for me to hear!! Cliche as it may sound, it really does warm my heart that a lot of y'all enjoy my posts enough to pop in each time there's a new one.

      *When I asked which types of blog posts were y'all's absolute favorites to see, four categories that I write about took the lead by far! Fashion and OOTD posts won with almost 40% of you picking that answer, which I guess isn't too much of a surprise- since the main focus of my blog is affordable fashion and style! The other three categories which y'all like the best are any posts about "adulting" (like finances, apartment living, etc), college/sorority life posts, and my Wednesday Midweek Ramblings posts- which will return next week I promise!

     *I asked y'all's thoughts about adding in some new content to Southern Belle in Training, and I liked what I heard! For awhile now, I've been considering adding in blog posts about relationships and my future career in broadcasting.  87% of you are interested in relationships blog posts, and almost 60% are interested in learning more about broadcasting and radio! Since the survey ended, I've already begun a "Relationship Monday" series, and shared a couple of posts about dating/singleness (including one this week for Valentine's Day!). I'm also beginning to plan out how to integrate content about broadcasting and my career, and I'm getting really excited to do that later this year! I'm currently in the thick of finishing classes at broadcasting school over the next few weeks and I'm also knee deep in job applications, so I think these posts might be better to start once I can recap my educational journey and job search process in full - which will hopefully be sooner rather than later!

     I also asked for y'all to share some honest critiques of my blog, and any ways that you think I might be able to improve. I was actually thankful to receive this constructive criticism! Here a couple of great responses to this question:

     "I'd love to see an updated blog design that's easier to navigate & a little more modern (while still maintaining your personality!)" - Yes to this! This year actually marks two years since I rebranded my blog and switched to the current design and template that I have now. I'm actually hoping to switch over to Wordpress later this year or next, but that's unfortunately a costly thing to do (when done well), and while finishing up school and job searching I don't have the type of extra money to do that right now. But once I'm able to in the hopefully near future, this is something that I want to tackle!

     "I enjoy personal posts every now and then. I know it's best to be private (and for safety I agree)... But I like to get to "know" the bloggers I follow. It gives me a reason to keep coming back to read the blog." - I received several responses similar to this one, but I felt like this one specifically summed it up best. I'll definitely keep trying to add more personal content each month going forward! I hope y'all have been enjoying the Relationship Monday posts so far, and I'll be trying to see if I can find other ways to integrate personal content as well. 

     So thank you, thank you, thank you again to those of you who took the survey! I hope this post expressed how truly grateful I am for each one of you who took the time to share your feedback with me. Here's to this year being the best year yet for SBIT!

     On an unrelated note.... some big things are happening in my personal life this weekend. ☺️ I decided that I'll be taking a social media break this weekend while everything is figured out. I can't give away any details quite yet.... but I would appreciate any prayers! Hoping to share some news soon.

     xoxo Annaliese 


  1. I'm a new reader, but excited to get to know you better through these posts! Good luck this weekend!

  2. What nice results and I've been a new follower for a few weeks now and I love reading your blog. Keep up the great work lovely.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale |

  3. I always love reading your personal posts! Can't wait to hear what is in store for you this weekend (secretly hoping you're flying somewhere fabulous for a job interview). Sending lots of happy vibes your way!

  4. There are really great results for your blog! Thats always awesome getting back good results!

  5. I love reading fashion posts! glad that you got such helpful info back, making me think I am long overdue for a reader survey haha. & good luck this weekend babe 😘

  6. I really love reading your more personal posts too. I need to conduct another reader survey in the near future.

  7. I'm sad I missed the survey! So happy that you were able to get some really helpful answers though!

  8. Sounds like it was an awesome survey!! Congrats on making it happen girl & excited for all the fun new content!! :) Prayers for this weekend <3

  9. I'm sad i missed the survey!! I definitely want to run one for my own blog each year.

  10. I haven't been a reader for that long, so I haven't seen your old designs. I don't think the design is hard to navigate, but I do find the side bar to be a bit busy. Have fun designing your new one!

  11. Sounds like you had a really good turn out on your survey!! thats awesome girl.

  12. Awesome feedback! sounds like a successful reader survey!

  13. Looks like you got some great responses! Excited to continue to follow along with your blog!
    Katie |

  14. I hope you have a great weekend unplugging and can't wait to see where SBIT goes from here!

    Greta |

  15. I love this, I've been following you for what feels like forever! Also kudos for sharing the constructive criticism! I respect when people are able to take criticism! (I hope this came off in a positive light because I really do think it's amazing!)

  16. What AWESOME results! I can’t wait to see what it leads to!

  17. Those are some awesome results and gives you so much insight into your audience-- very cool! Can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve for 2017!


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