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January 16, 2017

Athletic Goals for the New Year.

Photography by Deeana Kourtney Photography

     Ah- New Year's resolutions. Now that we're a few weeks into 2017, let's take a minute and re-visit this idea. As I shared with y'all in December, I impressed myself by following through very well with my resolution for 2016.  I genuinely hoped that I could go into this new year tackling my new resolution with the same type of determination and enthusiasm that I had for last year's.

     As you could probably guess from what I am wearing in these photos, my 2017 New Year's resolution involves prioritizing fitness. To give a little backstory, despite growing up as an athlete (I'm a former competitive figure skater from childhood, and I also played two team sports in high school), I fell out of the routine of making fitness a priority during my first few years in college. By senior year, I had finally found some workout classes offered by my campus gym that I really enjoyed attending, and had also figured out my own gym routine that I loved. Working out was finally a big part of my life, and it was great! But after having a serious concussion this past spring and not being able to do much physical activity for about 6-8 weeks, I completely fell out of my routine. And I'm a little bit embarrassed to say that I never got it back. Part of it might have been that because around the time this summer that I was finally feeling 100% physically myself again, I was also into the thick of my broadcasting school program, was working in retail, and was also beginning my social media job. Plus blogging! I had a lot on my plate in an ever-changing schedule, and I didn't know how fitness could play a part. 

     But it's a new year now, and I'm ready to stop making excuses. I finished my retail job in December, and for the first time in a long time, I finally have a set weekday schedule. It might be an insane one since I'm interning for a morning radio show, but it is a schedule! And that's huge for me. Now that I can plan out my weeks more in advance, I'm ready to make fitness a priority again, which is how it became my 2017 resolution.

     I looked into joining ClassPass or my local Y so that I could do fitness classes, but I am on a pretty tight budget until finishing broadcasting school in the spring. My plan is to make the most of the fitness center at my apartment complex, and utilize it as much as I can for my workouts. Since I'm just getting back into a regular fitness routine, I don't have any huge goals as of now. But here are the two things that I am holding myself accountable to for this year:

  • Going to gym or doing some sort of physical activity twice a week
  • Working my way up to running a 5k distance by the end of 2017

     On workout days in my apartment gym so far, I am enjoying running on the treadmill, and using the elliptical and bikes. As the year progresses, I'm hoping to find some Youtube videos or shorter workouts to do as well that will help with buildings abs or upper body strength (send any suggestions for these my way!). I'm also hoping this year to make physical activity that isn't just going to the gym a priority. I do love being outside, so I hope to do more nature walks and hikes, or maybe even get into running outside! And I love playing tennis, so I'm hoping that's a sport that I can rediscover this year.

      Of course my New Year's resolution means that I needed to invest in some new workout clothes. I was so excited to learn about all of the amazing workout options from Marks & Spencer. Where making fitness a priority again is still a newer part of my routine (and I'm also definitely on a budget right now!), I'm not quite ready to invest in super expensive workout clothing. But- I definitely did still want some new things to wear! Marks & Spencer came to my rescue. Almost all of their workout clothes are under $50, and many are under $25. Everything can be mixed and match to make lots of cute athletic outfits. The leggings that I'm wearing in both of these outfits are both very lightweight and breathable (but not see-through at all). I especially love the performance graphite print leggings - how fun are the colors in those?! Wearing a  supportive sports bra is also so crucial in helping to have a good workout, and both this one and this one that I'm wearing are supportive, and also super cute! 

     Do any of your New Year's resolutions involve fitness? How are you planning to meet your fitness goals in 2017? 

     xoxo Annaliese

      This blog post was written in collaboration with Shopping Links and Marks & Spencer. All opinions are honest and my own. Thank-you for supporting the brands that support Southern Belle in Training! 




  1. Okay need all of your athletic wear! It's the cutest!

    YouTube has some great workout videos. Those used to be my favorite go-to's while I was in college!

    xx, Jamie

  2. Your athletic outfits are so cute! I also have a few fitness goals for the new year; I've been meeting with a trainer and am planning to get into a fitness routine once I move next week, as well. I wish you lots of luck in your fitness goals!

  3. If you haven't checked it out already, Blogilaties (Pop Pilates with Cassey Ho) on YouTube is a great workout youtube channel. Her videos aren't too long and are set to fun music, plus her personality is great. I love doing them when I have a few extra minutes around the house and want to get a workout in!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern And Style

  4. Good luck on your fitness resolutions! I love the Tone it Up videos (there are lots for free on Youtube) for strength and toning when I don't have a lot of time.

  5. You got this girl! I love these work out clothes!
    -Anna |

  6. Work it girl!!! I am on the same boat as you i need to start working out alot more. I try to go to the gym everyday its just so hard when such a hectic day! I wanna be able to run at least 12 k before the end of 2017. I can run 5 k pretty well now!

  7. Those workout leggings are so freaking cute!

  8. Love the outfits! We didn't have any great class pass options where I live so I work out at home and in my apartment buildings gym too and outside and love it. I do want to step it up some more so I've been walking with weights and doing squats every few hours.

    Rachel | The Confused Millennial

  9. I love all your workout gear! I'm currently working on BBG and Whole 30 and while it is tough I am feeling so much better since I've started!

  10. You have to start somewhere when it comes to fitness. Buying clothes that motivate you is definitely a helpful beginning point. This year I'm working on not going more that two days without working out or doing some sort of physical activity. I just shared a bunch of workouts I love a few weeks ago on my blog. Can't wait to read about some of your favorite workout routines in the future.


  11. Love these looks! I've been trying to work out more this year and I've probably already done more workouts this year than I did last year. I've been doing a lot of Blogilates videos. I love them!

  12. Great activewear! Cute workout clothes is always a great motivation for me. Getting back into shape is one of my resolutions and it's difficult, but the hardest part is getting the motivation to get up and go. You've got this, girl!

  13. LOVE this athletic wear. def have to check it it. eventually i want to take some Zumba or cycling classes or orange theory. there's so many options out there.

  14. All your outfits are super cute!

    Alix |

  15. I am loving your athletic wear! Its got some really fun colors and patterns:)

    xoxo, Hannah

  16. What great goals, Annaliese! I'm hoping to continue to have Pure Barre be a part of my routine and to eat healthier this year!



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