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November 23, 2015

Tips to pack for Holiday Travels.

     I am so excited to be leaving tomorrow afternoon for five days of fun-filled Thanksgiving break plans with my best friend! I absolutely love to travel, and I will be spending this year's Thanksgiving in a state that I have driven through several times on my trips to and from Maine to North Carolina, but have never actually stopped to enjoy. I can't wait!

     Since I am a senior in college, this marks my fourth year of packing for holiday break travels such as Thanksgiving or Christmas break. I have spent all of my past holiday breaks visiting everywhere from my home to friends' houses to traveling abroad! I thought that I would walk y'all through in today's post how I am preparing for this year's travels, and also some general travel tips and guidelines that I always use when packing.

     One of the first things that I always start by packing is my pajamas! I can be very picky about pajamas, and I'm not ashamed to admit it. ;-) I sleep almost exclusively in long-sleeved shirts, unless I'm ever sleeping in a room that is extremely hot (aka my whole month studying abroad in France!) My favorite pajamas are ones that are old and ratty and worn-down, because that makes them extra comfy!! When I am traveling though, I try and pull out my semi-cute pajamas, so I don't scar the eyes of my travel companions (if I had it my way, I would wear my favorite baggy sweatpants every night!).

     For travels longer than a couple of nights, I like to bring different pajama options, since I never know what the temperature of the room that I'm staying in will be like, or how many blankets I'll have. For this trip, I am packing a pair of warm flannel pajama pants, cotton pajama pants, one pair of pajama shorts, and some of my favorite long-sleeved sleep shirts!

     Next, I pack my shoes. Shoes (and especially boots) can take up a lot of space and weight in a suitcase, so before adding a pair in, I always think to myself How many outfits can I form around this pair of shoes? Am I already envisioning the perfect outfit to wear on my trip while wearing these shoes? Will these be beneficial to the weather of where I am traveling? Obviously my favorite Tory Burch riding boots are a must-pack for Thanksgiving break travels, as this holiday falls right in the middle of riding boot season!

     Next comes the funnest part- outfit planning! When packing for my travels, I usually bring a couple of "statement pieces"- things that I will only wear once, maybe for a blog shoot, maybe for a special dinner or event, etc. Then the majority of the clothing that I pack are closet essentials that I can layer or mix-and-match! Since I never have my whole wardrobe with me on a trip, I try and pack strategically, and think how many outfits I can get out of the fewest pieces.

     Something that I enjoy about packing for Thanksgiving or Christmas break trips is that this is often the first time that I really go through my favorite cooler weather outfits from the year before! Packing is a great time to clean out my closet a little bit, and to see which outfit pieces I still love and want in my wardrobe, and also to see what doesn't fit anymore or isn't my taste now!

     I am really excited to be bringing my favorite fur vest on my Thanksgiving break trip and I already have a couple of outfits planned around it- here is a very similar vest to mine!

     Once all of my clothing is packed, it's time to start on things like jewelry, accessories and make-up! My make-up is usually one of the last things that I pack, since I wear my make-up favorites right up until the day that I leave for traveling.

      I did start getting my make-up and accessory bags read for this trip though! My favorite place to buy cosmetic travel bags is Forever 21. Their bags are cute, come in a variety of sizes, and are so affordably priced! My polka dot make-up bag shown above is from Forever 21, and I have linked some other favorites of mine below:

      Below I'm sharing a little graphic which includes the rest of the items that I pack on my travels! How many of these items do you bring with you on your holiday vacations? Is there an item that you always seem to forget when traveling?

     xoxo Miss ALK



  1. This post came at the perfect time. I am traveling tomorrow and have yet to pack.
    Mikayla | A Seersucker State of Mind.

  2. Great list!
    My packing method is pretty similar.
    Thankfully I won't be going anywhere until Christmas but I will definitely keep these tips in mind.

    xoxo, Jenny || Breakfast at Lillys

  3. I always roll my clothes to save space! Love these tips.

  4. I always want to bring way too many shoes! They could be a suitcase on their own, easy! Happy thanksgiving week!

  5. Those makeup bag picks are so cute! I always seem to forget my phone charger or my glasses (I wear contacts), both are so annoying! lol

    xoox, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  6. I am just like you, I love wearing my oldest tees to sleep. Also those makeup bags are so adorable. I love packing my outfits around a pair of shoes and mixing and matching as well. These are great tips!


  7. I always do so good with packing 'til it comes time to put my shoes in. Usually, they get their own bag. x Nicole |

  8. I am the WORST packer ever! I just pack absolutely everything and go. It's so so bad


  9. such a great list! I always forget something when traveling-especially during college!
    with southern grace,

  10. The makeup bags are so cute! I definitely agree that shoes are the trickiest to pack due to their size! Finding multiple outfits to pack around them is key!

    Lauren | The Arizona Prepster

  11. I hope my car has enough room for all of your belongings! (We will make it work) Everyone stay tuned, I'm sure there's going to be lots of wonderful blog posts to follow from Pennsylvania!!! Can't wait to show you Pennsylvania and have you share it with all your fellow followers <3

    xoxo, M

  12. I'm with you on the pjs! Sometimes the rattiest ones are the comfiest! I am excited to see your Thanksgiving break outfits!

    xo Ashley

  13. I'll definitely be utilizing these tips when I go to South Carolina next month! I'm so obsessed with Forever 21 makeup bags. I've bought so many for gifts for other people, but I still don't own one myself. It's a sin.

  14. This are all travel must-haves! I'm a lover of lists, so thanks for pre-making this one to inspire my own. I really need to invest in a travel jewelry case, and I think I'll be all set!

  15. Such good packing tips! Have a great trip!

  16. I wish I had a method like you! I literally just threw everything in my suitcase and called it a day! I probably don't even have half of the stuff I'm going to need over the break!

  17. I usually roll my t-shirts and jeans for more space! Also, make-up bags are a must-have!
    xx, Southwestern Prepster

  18. Seriously what a perfect time to feature this - hope you have a great Thanksgiving break!

    Pick Your Beau

  19. I love that forever 21 cosmetic case! Very Kate spade-esque!

    How 2 Wear It []

  20. Your riding boots are too pretty! Happy Thanksgiving Annaliese!


  21. Such great timing for this post!! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! :]


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