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November 11, 2015

Midweek Ramblings + Recent Purchases.

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  • Dreary weather: Charlotte has been just full of rain this fall! I don't mind the occasionally rainy day, but all of these clouds and raindrops are starting to get me down a little bit! Back in September, it rained for a full two weeks in Charlotte, including right through my school's sorority recruitment and Bid Day! Lately the rain has been back in full force, except now with colder temperatures attached to it. At least my rain boots have been getting a lot of use! 
  • A fun weekend ahead: This past weekend, I was supposed to pay a visit to my former college to see my best friend (and help her with wedding planning!). That visit sadly had to be postponed since I had a nasty cough throughout the whole weekend! But this upcoming weekend, I have some fun plans to make up for all of the R&R. On Friday is my sorority's annual Mallard Ball, ADPi's very interesting take on fall semi-formal! And on Saturday night is my college's all-school semi-formal. These types of events are always a good time, and even more special since it's my senior year.
  • Friends who understand. Going to be real for a second- my blog has been stressing me out a lot lately. I have found myself playing the comparison game with other bloggers, and also being very critical of myself. Typically I just process all of these feelings on my own, or sometimes text blogging friends, but lately I have started opening up about my blog-related insecurities to a few of my best friends at college. None of them blog or really understand the blogging world, but they are there with hugs and listening ears, and honestly that has meant the world to me! Do any of you ever vent about your blogs to friends or family outside of the blogging world? :-) 
  • Thanksgiving Break! It seems unreal to me that Thanksgiving break is just about two weeks away. Where is this semester going? I have really fun travel plans for Thanksgiving!! I'm headed north, but not going home to Maine. I can't wait to share more! I'm also starting to plan some outfits for my travels. 

  • As I said in last week's post, most of November is a big month of no-spending for me, since I like to go as big as I can on Black Friday every year! I've been trying my best with saving this week, although I did spend more money then intended on food. #HungryCollegeKid
  • One little purchase that I did make this week though was on this nail polish, to coordinate with my dress for my college's semi-formal this weekend! 
  • As I continue making a wish-list for Black Friday, I keep falling more and more in love with cute boots like these and these

     Hope that the beginning of your week has gotten off to a great start! Be sure to check out yesterday's post if you haven't yet- it's unlike any post I've ever (co-)written before on Southern Belle in Training!

     xoxo Miss ALK


  1. Sorry about the postponement of your plans! Hope you have a great weekend though! It has been so rainy here too!

    Mikayla | A Seersucker State of Mind.

  2. Venting to your besties is a great way to get an outside take on the situation! I'm glad they are helping you work through it and believe me, I understand!

    How 2 Wear It []

  3. I definitely feel like sometimes we need to vent to non blogging friends.
    Sometimes it just feels better haha.

    I hope you get to go see your friend soon :)

    xoxo, Jenny || Breakfast at Lillys

  4. I'm sorry about the dreary weather!! It's been turning that way here in Central Illinois too! I hope the turkeys (Thanksgiving is around the corner, yaknow!) don't keep you down for too long :)

    Kristine | My Little Box of Tricks

  5. We've had such dreary weather in Sydney too and it's supposed to be headed into summer! Hope you have a great week beautiful :)

  6. The friends who understand is such a big part of my life right now!

  7. Keep your chin up! Try not to play the comparison game - your blog is awesome! I sometimes vent about blogging to my friends - it's a little necessary sometimes :) Hope the weather clears up where you are - it's been rainy in Toronto too.

    Alessandra |

  8. It sounds like you are up for an insanely fun weekend! Hopefully that will make the colder temps easier to handle. Have an amazing time! xx Merisa | Monogrammed Magnolias

  9. Totally understand about venting to non-bloggers about your blog. 2013-14 were some rough years for me as I wasn't afraid to show the real me on my blog anymore. Ladies would say I wasn't a Christian for wearing pants, shorts, one-piece bathing suits, and sleeveless. :p It was rough.

  10. I'm getting so excited about Black Friday! I've been shopping around and making a mental list as well of gifts for family and maybe a few gifts for myself...oops! And insecurities about blogging are the worst. It's hard to not compare yourself to's something I struggle with as well. Talking to my friends who aren't bloggers is always really eye opening and helps to put things in to perspective!

    xo Ashley

  11. Oh my gosh my best friend is in ADPi (I'm sure Ive said that a thousand times) and I was always so entertained by her Mallard Ball stories and outfits, I had now idea that was a national ADPi tradition. I can totally understand blog insecurities, I really get caught up in them sometimes too and it is not fun at all!

  12. I can't wait to see what you buy on Black Friday with the money you've been saving! Have fun this weekend. <3


  13. Girl, I've been SO over the weather too!

  14. You are genius! Save all the money for the best sale day of the entire year! GENIUS! I guess I'll start now! 2 weeks is long enough to save a lot right? Hahaha

    Nicole // Chronicling Home

  15. I was in Charlotte last weekend and it was so dreary! I hope it clears up soon!


  16. Definitely feeling you on that Thanksgiving vibe, can it be here already? Can't wait to see what you score on Black Friday!
    xx, Southwestern Prepster

  17. You are not alone in being blog-frustrated. Some days I get so mad, I just want to give up, but thats silly. I know I started my blog to make myself happy, I just have to remind myself of it sometimes!

  18. You can always email/text me sister-friend! Blogging can be so stressful especially when looking at all the other great bloggers just like yourself!
    with southern grace,

    1. (I definitely hit publish before I meant to), but you're totally great at what you do, and I personally LOVE reading your blog every day!
      with southern grace,

  19. Yeah wait, just how exactly is it already Thanksgiving?! What in the world? Hope you get that R&R and save up so you can treat yoself real nice on Black Friday!!

  20. I'm working on my Black Friday list too! Also my Christmas list, they're always due by Thanksgiving in my family. I've definitely cut back on my spending, but it is NOT easy!

    xx. Brittany | Southern Soul

  21. It's so hard to not play the comparison game when it comes to blogging. I try to remind myself that I do it because I love sharing with people - regardless of the #!

  22. Ahh, have so much fun at Mallard! I always loved helping my friends get ready for it :)

    XO, SS || Seersucker Sass

  23. For blogging I just vent to my parents about it since my friends don't really understand it. But thats okay!! My mom and dad offer really good advice :)

  24. I hope you had an amazing time at semi-formal! I don't know how you're surviving doing a no-spend month. I always tell myself not to spend any money and it never lasts :(

    Kayla |


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