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November 4, 2015

Midweek Ramblings + Recent Purchases.

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  • My first college Halloween = SUCCESS! I had the most amazing, crazy, hilarious, and spontaneous Halloween weekend! As I shared last week, this past weekend was my first time in college celebrating Halloween. I might have waited until senior year to celebrate, but "go big or go home" was definitely the name of the game! My bestie Mia and I went as the dancing girl twin emojis on actual Halloween, pictured above, and check out this blog post to see what I went as on Friday! 
  • Getting my life together. I'm not quite ready to go into full details yet on the blog, but I will say that recently my plans for next year have changed a lot- for the better!! But this means that I now have a lot of planning and preparations to do for my future. Wish me luck over the next couple of months as I work on things- then hopefully I will have lots of good news to share. :-)
  • Great new music. There seem to be so many great new songs popping up on the radio lately! I am 150% obsessed with Ariana Grande's new song, Focus. It reminds me a lot of some of her earlier music, but I think it's one of my favorite songs of hers to date! I am also really digging Justin Bieber's newest song, Sorry. I'm not a very big fan of Justin Bieber as a person, but I've really enjoyed a lot of music on his last couple of albums. 

  • I don't generally do a lot of shopping during the earlier part of November... my favorite holiday falls at the end of the month (favorite holiday being Black Friday!), so I try and make the weeks leading up to it being weeks that I save as much as I can. Every year I try and go bigger for Black Friday then I did the year before, so this year I'll be saving as much as I can this month.
  • One thing that I did get last week though were these gorgeous earrings as a gift for co-hosting a blogging event at Charlotte's Kendra Scott store! 
  • A couple items that I'm hoping to score over Black Friday this year would be boots similar to these, or a beautiful new coat that would look something like this. 

      Sorry that this post is up a little later than usual today! I stayed up late last night working on an essay for one of my communications classes and I had a serious case of writer's block with it, which meant no time to blog!

      Hope that y'all are having a great week! 

      xoxo Miss ALK



  1. Can't wait to find out your future plans!
    You and your friends costumes were adorable by the way.

    xoxo, Jenny || Breakfast at Lillys

  2. Such a cute costume!! Good luck with all your future plans, I look forward to hearing about them and wish you all the best!
    xo, claudia

  3. Good luck with your future plans Annaliese! I love both of your costumes from Halloween, they are too cute!


  4. That costume was too cute!

    Mikayla | A Seersucker State of Mind.

  5. You and Mia looked so so adorable in your Dancing Girl Emoji costume. I'm so glad you were finally able to celebrate Halloween and that you had such a perfect experience. Good luck with your future plans, sending you all the good vibes-I can't wait to hear more details on your endeavors!

  6. Can't wait to read more on what happens! But that costume is so cute!

  7. I love Focus and Sorry so much haha. I'm so glad to hear them whenever I turn on the radio. That emoji costume is my dream costume! I hope to pair up with one of my friends next Halloween for this.

    Alessandra |

  8. Your costume is SO cute, I love original ideas like that!

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  9. Oh my gosh, I hope your future plans work out! I know it's super scary (coming from someone who graduated in May, I totally get it), and plans change all the time. I'm now looking at going back to school because I was stupid about not taking some classes!
    Pi Love!
    With southern grace,

  10. You are simply the cutest!!! I love your costume and I can't wait to hear how your plans have changed!!

    Sara Kate Styling

  11. Wait, your Halloween costume came out perfect! x Nicole |

  12. This costume is so fabulous!!!!! How cute are you two?!?

    xo Ashley

  13. OMG Your costume is the best--no wonder you had a great Halloween!

  14. Yay for future plans! I love your costume, so cute! Good luck, praying for a great announcement! Also, that coat is life, I might get that!

  15. What a great costume for Halloween! :)


  16. Love the costume! Emojis were definitely in this year--I've always been tempted to do the lady with the pink sweater. I don't normally shop Black Friday (since I used to work in retail I usually worked all day), but this year I may!
    Julia | Pennies & Paper

  17. I can't wait to hear what your future plans are!

  18. Good luck. I'm glad good things are coming your way. Also! What a cute costume idea!

  19. Those Kendra Scott earrings are gorgeous! I'm obsessed with your emoji costume :) You are the cutest! So excited for the details on your future plans!

    XO, SS || Seersucker Sass

  20. Girl I am so excited for Black Friday too! such an exciting time to shop and snag great deals!!


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