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July 24, 2014

July via Instagram.

     It's been at least a few weeks since I've done an Instagram update, so I figured it's time for another one! As per usual I have been Instagramming like crazy, so here are my favorite snapshots from the past few weeks!

     A very preppy outfit that I wore to work a couple weeks ago!! I love this monogram tumbler- I actually got it from my college, during the first week of school last year at an event in the cafeteria the school brought in a company that set up make-your-own monogram tumbler booths! This is mine, I use it all the time! (Skort: Lilly Pulitzer || Bracelets: Charming Charlie, Lilly Pulitzer || Shoes: Jack Rogers || Nail Polish: Orly || )

     My uncle and aunt from Long Island, NY (my dad's older brother and his wife) were in Maine a couple weeks ago, and one night we all went to dinner at a restaurant in the town next to mine that has gorgeous waterfront views. This was a quick #nofilter picture that I snapped for Instagram!

     Last week it was my fabulous blog photograher Shara's 20th birthday!! We celebrated by spending the day in New Hampshire. I think my favorite part of the day was the amazing pasta that we had for lunch at a great Italian restaurant that had just been remodeled! (My dress: Delia's)

     The day after Shara's birthday was my first double shift at my job! 13 hours of retail... whoo hoo! My sweet friend Katie (who blogs at Inkspot!) stopped by to surprise me with lavender iced tea and a macaroon from a local French bakery near the store that I work at- it was such a nice treat to help get me through my long day! I'm so thankful for sweet friends like that! :-)

     Most of Maine's beaches are very natural looking and scenic, and quite the opposite of most tourist-friendly beaches in other states. With the exception of Maine's famous Old Orchard Beach, or "OOB." It has a very lively pier, amusement park right on the ocean and of course tons and tons of slightly sketchy ocean front motels. I like to call it Maine's version of Myrtle Beach!! It is fun to head up to OOB once or twice a summer to get a different type of beach experience. My friend Tim and I had the best day at OOB last weekend! We ate tons of fried pier food, sat in our beach chairs all afternoon, and I even went for a little swim- all in all a perfect beach day! (And I got my selfie as seen here with the big ferris wheel. ;-) ) (Hat: Target || Bathing suit top: Target || Sunglasses: Loft || Earrings: Claire's )

     My beautiful early birthday present to myself from the #NSale arrived on Tuesday!!! My gorgeous Tory Burch Eloise boots fit perfectly, but I'm keeping them wrapped up in the box until this fall so they stay nice and protected. Honestly though- how beautiful is the box that they came in?! I think I'm almost as excited about that as I was what was in it haha!! I will definitely be saving the box as well. :-)

     Be sure to follow me on Instagram @miss_alk to keep up with my photo updates!

     Stay tuned tomorrow for my much awaited "How to be a Fashion Blogger on a College Student Budget" post!

     xoxo Miss ALK


  1. Yours and Shara's dresses are SO cute! And yeah, that box is adorable, I'd totally keep it as well! I love when shoe boxes are so cute and sturdy enough to be used for organizing other stuff :)


  2. Those boots are gorgeous! Can't wait to see tomorrow's post.

    Pick Your Beau


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