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July 1, 2014

July Goals!

     Since I got June's Goals up halfway through last month, I decided to be a productive blogger in July and get this month's goals up on the first of the month, which I think is actually a first for me! ;-) Whooo!! Now let's take a look at how I did with those very belated June goals:

  1. Have a blast at the Boston HCBN Blogger meet-up! CHECK! Read all about it in this post
  2. Practice French. This was half a fail and half not. I never actually took out my French textbooks from school to review... oops. BUT- in the store that I work at we get a ton of customers from Quebec, and sometimes I attempt to speak French with the Canadian customers! But I'm determined this month to actually open my books and practice some grammar... see one of this month's goals for more on that. :-)
  3. Spend any free time (on nice days) at the beach! I would sadly still have to say this goal wasn't a total success. The beginning of June in Maine had only a few nice days, and sadly I worked on most of them. Towards the end of the month though I got to the beach a few times! Last Saturday morning I spent a couple hours there with my high school friends Jules and Tim before I headed to work, and we had a wonderful time. Hopefully there will be many more beach days to come in July and August that work around my work schedule! ;-)

     And here are my goals for July 2014:

     1. Do study abroad research for next summer. The college that I transferred to has some of the best study abroad programs in the country! I think the statistics show that about 90% or higher of students at my school study abroad at some point during undergrad college years there. While a fair amount of students do choose to do a semester abroad (including my Big and my roommate for this coming year!),  a lot opt to do shorter summer programs instead, which is what I'm looking into. (Since I already go to school quite far from home AND transferred once, I think that a full semester abroad wouldn't be the best move for me.)  But anyways- one of my minors at school is in French, so I'm looking into some four week French language immersion programs for next summer! I have a high enough GPA and have taken enough of the French pre-reqs that I was accepted to the program... now I just have to figure out where I want to go! My school offers the program that I was accepted to at several language academies in France and a few in Quebec. I just need to really look at the costs of each program (some cities in France are WAY cheaper then others for example, and obviously Quebec is cheapest of all), and also figure out what type of city or town I'd really like to be in! I also renewed my passport in June and my new one arrived in record speed, so I'm good to go in that regard! 

     2. Work on a craft project. Crafting is something that I wish I could do more of at school, but I can never find the time for it! I want to try making at least one craft project this month. Plus it's an excuse to actually make things off of my Pinterest boards, which is something that I always love to do! ;-)

     3. Get back on a regular blog posting schedule. Summer is technically when I should have the most time to blog, since I don't have homework or classes to worry about. But in June I seemed to fall a bit behind on blogging, so I want to step that up in July! I would love to get back on a 5x a week posting schedule by next week. 

      Do you have any goals for this month? How is your summer treating you so far?

     xoxo Miss ALK

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