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June 18, 2014


    I'm back after taking an unexpected few days off from blogging! I had planned to have a few posts scheduled, but the past week was absolute craziness for me. I worked almost 40 hours at my job, and then I spent Monday (my first day off after the busy work week) in Boston for a blogging meet-up- much more to come on that later this week! But for today I wanted to give y'all a little update into what my busy week has looked like via Instagram:

     Nail polish decisions are the hardest decisions, especially when all the choices are Essie! That day I ended up picking Bottle Service, the pink one! (Although I have to say it isn't my favorite Essie polish, I forgot how easily it chips even with a top coat. But it is a pretty color!)

     One of the things that I love the most about the store that I work at in the summers is that employees have a business casual dress code! I take full advantage of that, and I love playing around with different accessories, hairstyles and make-up to match my work dresses (I rarely wear pants to my job). On this particular night I decided to mix things up with false eyelashes!! I have a couple natural looking pairs that are work appropriate and add just a touch of glam. :-)

     Last Saturday night was the only Saturday night in the month of June that I had off! (I still had to work though- I just had the morning shift. ;-)) I wanted to take advantage of that and organized a group dinner for some of my high school friends at our favorite local Mexican restaurant (This is the first time this summer that a whole group of us have gotten together). My best friend from high school, Jules, came over to my house beforehand to catch up and do her nails with me. She is doing some summer classes at her university and also working, so we haven't seen much of each other since I've been home! It was so good to spend some quality time together, and then to get to go to dinner with the rest of our friends as well! All in all it was a fun night with delicious food and lots of laughs!

     Lastly, a little exciting announcement! I am taking over the Blog Baton Instagram account today (June 18th) so be sure to follow along if you aren't already!! I have been on a waiting list to hold the baton for a long time, so I have been so excited to finally have this opportunity. :-) A huge thanks to Mason of Mason Like The Jar for creating and managing the Blog Baton- this is such a fun thing for bloggers!

     So that's a little taste of my life lately! Expect later this week to see a fun Greek life inspired guest post, much more about the blogging meet-up I attended in Boston and some giveaways coming your way soon!

     xoxo Miss ALK



  1. I have the same issue with my Essie polishes! Gorgeous color but it chips after a few days without much to help. I have started doing a DIY shellac with it, and it makes it last 2 weeks before any chips! (You can check it out here if you're interested - ) I swear by it!

    Pick Your Beau

  2. Whoops! - Here is that link

  3. I love all the Essie polishes! They are so bright and colorful! And I love how you get to dress up for work. So fun! Can't wait to see today's Instagram posts! xo, gina

  4. Those Essie colors are so pretty, I really like the blue color! I have yet to try an essie color! Should I admit that as a blogger?


  5. i have a problem with nail polish chipping no matter what brand I use, but i absolutely love Essie's bright colors!



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