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June 19, 2014

Guest post: Sorority Summer Style by Greek Streak

     Today I have a special guest post lined up for y'all! My friends over at Greek Streak, a sorority and fraternity apparel company, have requested to guest post here at Southern Belle in Training! They also sent me an adorable Alpha Delta Pi tank-top from their sorority apparel collection to review. I love this fun tank, it is light-weight and perfect for summer, and I know that I will get a lot of use out of it on beach days especially!

Tank: c/o Greek Streak || Leggings: Victoria's Secret PINK || Sandals: Target || Sunglasses: Charming Charlie || Bow: Glitter 

     Their guest post is customized a bit to Alpha Delta Pi since that is my sorority, but the fashion ideas in the post are things that girls in any sorority could try with their own sorority's symbols and colors. Enjoy the guest post from Erica of Greek Streak! 

Sorority Summer Fashion

Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean you shouldn’t display your Alpha Delta Pi sisterhood pride. In fact, the hot summer months are actually the perfect time to showcase the style that defines the Alpha Delta Pi sorority! From diamonds to custom T-shirts, there are plenty of ways to showcase sorority style during this season away from school. Want some fresh inspiration? Looking for new ways to work sorority love into what you wear? Here are a couple specific options for showing you’re a sorority girl this season!

Shiny Sparkle and Bling
The diamond is the official badge for Alpha Delta Pi, so add some dazzle to your wardrobe this summer! Whether you buy cubic zirconia stud earrings or rhinestone-studded sandals, adding a little bling to your outfits is a subtle way to show your sisterhood pride, as well to add some sparkle to your style.

Blue and White Colors
Nothing says summer beach living like the classic combination of white and blue. And since these are the official Alpha Delta Pi colors, you have more than one reason to work them into your wardrobe this summer! Try a white maxi dress with an azure blue statement necklace or white jeans with a royal blue blouse. Any way you work the white and blue together, you’re spreading sorority pride.

Violet in Your Wardrobe
Since violet is the official flower of Alpha Delta Pi, try incorporating it into your outfits through violet jewelry, tops or dresses. Whether you pick a violet bikini or a violet sundress, this pretty color is a shout-out to all things Alpha Delta Pi.

Custom Sorority Shirts
Maybe the easiest way to show off Alpha Delta Pi pride is also the most effective: wear a custom-designed shirt. When you sport a T-shirt with the Alpha Delta Pi logo or a shirt with Alpha Delta Pi name, you make the message clearer than ever that you’re a sorority girl who’s proud of it.

What ways will you show off sorority pride this summer break? Will you follow the fashion ideas above, or do you have some of your own? Whether you’re sporting sorority pins, sorority colors or something else, finding ways to promote Alpha Delta Pi is not only fun — it’s also a great way to draw new recruits! Let everyone around you know that you love Alpha Delta Pi, and join your sisterhood around the country promoting the sorority vibe!

Erica Wolfe is a proud Delta Phi Epsilon member and a Marketing Associate Greek Streak – an online Greek apparel retailer providing fraternity and sorority clothing for the Greek community.



  1. I love wearing my sorority tanks during the summer! We just ordered some customized ones last spring and they have been great to have this summer especially since it's been getting really hot here!

    xo, gina

  2. you're so adorable and this post makes me want to go wear letters right now...too bad I'm separated from them by an ocean. But, thanks for always showing the great parts of Greek life, and ADPi! I'm so glad you're a sister that I get to call mine! OBIC and PLAM

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