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May 9, 2023

101 in 1001 List: 6 Month Update

      It's now been over six months since I kicked off my latest 101 in 1001 bucket list! I like doing check-ins a couple times a year to see how many goals I've managed to accomplish, and to plan which ones I'd like to tackle next. I am proud of how many I've knocked off in the first six months. Definitely a strong start I think!

101 in 1001

START DATE: October 3rd, 2022

END DATE: June 30th, 2025


1. Attend a new-to-me radio conference - 2022 St. Jude Country Cares Radio Seminar, October 2022

2. Attend CMA week again (or attend ACM week or CMA fest week)

3. Attend a music awards show on behalf of my job

4. Get to emcee a large local event

5. Earn a ratings bonus for my morning show

6. Have the opportunity to dip my toes back into music programming for a radio station again

7. Be interviewed by an industry publication or podcast about my career


8. Write a comprehensive Virginia Beach, VA Travel Guide

9. Update my Norfolk, VA Travel Guide

10. Write a comprehensive Nashville, TN Travel Guide

11. Write a comprehensive Edenton, NC Travel Guide - November 2022

12. Write a Travel Diary recapping my 2022 Ireland trip - February 2023

13.Write a Travel Diary recapping my 2022 Puerto Rico trip - April 2023

14. Write a blog post about my golf journey

15. Write a blog post about how I met Ryan / our relationship story

16. Reach 500 TikTok followers - March 2023

17. Reach 1000 TikTok followers

18. Reach 17k Instagram followers


19. Execute a successful Annual Giving Week in 2023 for Junior League - January 2023

20. Serve in an elected or appointed role again for another Junior League year

21. Attend an event with my sorority's local alumni association

22. Become involved in a church in Virginia Beach (volunteering or joining a bible study)

23. Reach a 365 day language learning streak on Duolingo - December 2022

24. Reach a 1000 day language learning streak on Duolingo


25. Take Ryan to Charlotte

26. Take Ryan to Charlottesville

27. Take Ryan home to Maine

28. Visit Ryan's home state of Missouri with him

29. Take a romantic trip just me and Ryan (not a trip to visit friends/family) - March 2023

30. Do something special for our one-year dating anniversary - April 2023

31. Keep our weekend beach walking tradition going for at least a year

32. Bake cookies together

33. Get engaged

34. Have wedding date set or be married by the time this list ends


35. Try a new recipe with my fondue pot

36. Use my bread machine to make a recipe

37. Learn a go-to cocktail recipe

38. Make an intimidating new dessert recipe - Chocolate Kahlua Cheesecake, January 2023

39. Bake something with the fresh dried lavender I picked in Spring 2022 - Lavender Shortbread, February 2023

40. Take a cooking class

41. Take a craft related class (jewelry, pottery, art, sewing, etc)


42. Visit a fall fair (county fair or state fair)

43. Buy a piece of home décor from an antique store or estate sale

44. Buy a piece of jewelry from an antique store or estate sale

45. Buy a new tweed blazer or jacket

46. Buy or be gifted a new piece of fine jewelry - Blue Topaz earrings, February 2023

47. Go skiing or snow tubing again

48. Go kayaking again

49. Go apple picking again

50. Go to Afternoon High Tea somewhere that I haven't done it before

51. Own a dining room table again (the apartment space I'm living in when this list begins is too small for a dining table)

52. Go to my first-ever major league professional sporting event

53. Meet an emu

54. Lease another new vehicle or buy out my current lease

55. Go to a fancy event for a New Years' Eve

56. Have a special party for my 30th birthday

57. Read at least 40 books in 2022 - November 2022

58. Read at least 30 books in 2023

59. Read at least 30 books in 2024

60. Read 15 books by the time this list ends in 2025

61. Host my annual Favorite Things Swap Christmas Party in 2022 - December 2022

62. Host my annual Favorite Things Swap Christmas Party in 2023

63. Host my annual Favorite Things Swap Christmas Party in 2024

64. Plan and attend my best friend Ciera's bachelorette trip in Nashville - February 2023

65. Plan and attend a girls' weekend with my Charlottesville friend group


66. Attend a professional golf tournament

67. Take more golf lessons again

68. Play in a local amateur golf tournament

69. Play in a golf course in another state

70. Take a golf focused weekend trip

71. Obtain a golf handicap 


72. Visit Delaware (only East Coast state I've never been to)

73. Visit another new-to-me state

***74. Visit three new-to-me US cities*** - In progress! Memphis TN (October 2022), 

75. Visit another new-to-me country

76. Visit Paris, France

77. Visit the Outer Banks, NC again 

78. Visit Raleigh, NC again

79. Visit Chapel Hill, NC

80. Visit Baltimore, MD and/or Annapolis, MD again 

81. See the cherry blossoms in Washington DC again

82. Stand on the Plaza and watch the TODAY show live in NYC

83. Go on a tropical warm weather vacation

84. Visit Canada again


85. Visit the Hermitage Museum in Norfolk

86. Take a glass blowing class at the Chrysler Museum of Art in Norfolk

87. Make a candle at Sugar & Grace Co. in Norfolk - January 2023

88. Attend another wine tasting at Vino Culture in Norfolk

89. See the Christmas lights on the Nauticus ship in Norfolk

90. Go to a Norfolk Admirals hockey game

91. Eat or drink at the Glass Light Hotel in Norfolk

92. Walk the trails at Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge in Virginia Beach - November 2022

93. Eat at The Bee and the Biscuit in Virginia Beach - December 2022

94. Visit three new-to-me Virginia wineries

95. Stay at the Omni Homestead Resort in Hot Springs, VA

96. Visit the western part of Virginia during the fall again

97. Day trip to Yorktown, VA

98. Day trip to Smithfield, VA - October 2022

99. Day trip to Hampton, VA

100. Day trip to Newport News, VA - April 2023

101. Go rafting on the James River in Richmond, VA

Completed past 6 months: 20 

Completed total: 20

     20 goals hit!! That's the most 101 in 1001 goals that I've ever hit in a six-month time period, I think. Here's a closer look at which 20 goals I accomplished: 

      1.  Attend a new-to-me radio conference - It was an honor to travel to Memphis, TN with my boss last October to attend the 2022 St. Jude Children's Research Hospital Country Cares Radio Seminar! Our radio station does a lot of fundraising for St. Jude throughout the year, and finally getting to visit Memphis and see the hospital campus in person was such a humbling experience. I also met lots of awesome radio folks from all over the country and got to stay at the iconic Peabody Hotel! 

      11. Write a comprehensive Edenton, NC Travel Guide - So glad I finally took the time to write a full guide for my favorite little southern town! It's just 90 minutes south of where I live, and I'm so lucky to have family there (aka an excuse to visit multiple times a year). Read it HERE.

      12. Write a Travel Diary recapping my 2022 Ireland trip - It was so much fun to finally recap the Ireland trip that my mom and I went on last May! I'm almost glad that I did wait several months to blog about the trip, because it made it really fun to revisit all my photos and memories awhile later! Read about it HERE.

      13. Write a Travel Guide recapping my 2022 Puerto Rico trip - I think this honestly tied with Ireland for favorite trip that I took in 2022! Puerto Rico was an amazing girls' trip filled with sunshine, relaxation, and great food and drinks. I'm so glad to have finally published my San Juan Travel Guide! Read it HERE.

      16. Reach 500 TikTok followers - I was really late to join TikTok, but slowly but surely I did get into it. Instagram will always be my most used form of social media I think, but TikTok has definitely grown on me! It's fun to have a social media platform that I truly do just use for fun. I was excited to finally hit 500 followers. You can follow me HERE if you aren't already! 

      19. Execute a successful Annual Giving Week in 2023 for Junior League - My placement in Junior League this year was to be the Chair of Corporate and Individual Giving. Part of that included planning and facilitating our Annual Giving Week in January. While there were a few hiccups or things that I think could have gone better with the planning and promotion of Giving Week, overall I think it went really well! Planning this involved such a different skillset then I use in my day job in radio, so this whole position this year has been out of my comfort zone! 

      23. Reach a 365-day language learning streak on Duolingo - I've been doing daily French lessons on Duolingo for almost three years (pandemic hobby that stuck!), but I unfortunately lost my daily streak almost a year into it, so I had to re-start. I finally did hit the one-year streak mark though which made me so happy!

      29. Take a romantic trip just me and Ryan (not a trip to visit friends/family) - Ryan and I had horrible travel luck in 2022. Every time we tried to take a trip, whether it was a quick weekend somewhere drivable or flying to Maine to see my family- it would have to be cancelled for circumstances beyond our control. The first trip that we ended up actually taking together was a special one! We spent a long weekend in Orlando as an early 30th birthday trip for Ryan. Read about it HERE

      30. Do something special for our special for our one-year anniversary - Our first anniversary was a low-key and fun celebration! I decided to write a whole blog post about what we did (mainly for my own memories someday!). Read about it HERE.

      38. Make an intimidating new dessert recipe - I made a Chocolate Kahlua Cheesecake from one of my Junior League cookbooks for dinner with friends over the winter, and it turned out so well! I had a famous cheesecake baking flop during the height of Covid times in 202o that honestly scared me away from trying to make one again for awhile.

      39. Bake something with the fresh dried lavender I picked in Spring 2022 - I baked some delicious lavender shortbread cookies a few months ago! More recently I also made some lemon lavender muffins.  So fun to bake things using the local lavender that I picked myself at a farm in Williamsburg.

      46. Buy or be gifted a new piece of fine jewelry - I got a gift card for a local fine jewelry store and used it to get a gorgeous pair of blue topaz earrings! They were in the estate jewelry section but in amazing condition, and I couldn't believe what a deal I got on them.

      57. Read at least 40 books in 2022 - I ended up reading 45 books in 2022! Read about my favorites HERE.

      61. Host my annual Favorite Things Swap Christmas Party in 2022 - My second annual Favorite Things party was a great success and one of my favorite memories from this recent holiday season! Read about it HERE.

      64. Plan and attend my best friend Ciera's bachelorette trip in Nashville - I spent months planning this fun weekend and was a delight it was to see it all come together to celebrate Ciera! Unfortunately, this weekend the height of my hip pain from the bursitis that I've been dealing with for the past few months, but I was a trooper and still had fun despite being in a lot of pain! Read about it HERE.

      87. Make a candle at Sugar & Grace Co. in Norfolk - It was really cool how this came to be. I set up a candle making workshop at Sugar & Grace as part of the Annual Week of Giving in January that I organized for Junior League! They gave a portion of the workshop proceeds back to Junior League which was so kind. 

      92. Walk the trails at Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge in Virginia Beach - I did this twice over the winter months (when it's free admission). Already something I'm excited to do again next year in the off-season.

      93. Eat at The Bee and the Biscuit in Virginia Beach - A friend of mine from my college summer job, Mackenzie, was in the area over Christmas week, so we went to lunch here. My first time eating at this very popular breakfast and lunch spot! While the food was definitely good, I didn't quite find it special enough to justify the 90 minutes that we had to wait (90 minutes on a weekday!). But still glad I finally got to try it. 

      98. Day trip to Smithfield, VA - I finally made it out to this charming Virginia town (about an hour west of Virginia Beach) last fall with my friend Kelly-Anne! We had lunch, checked out the main street shops, and enjoyed walking by all of the big historic houses. 

      100. Day trip to Newport News, VA - I actually made it to Newport News twice this year! (A smaller city about 45 minutes northwest from Virginia Beach without traffic.) Ryan and I flew out of the Newport News airport for our Florida trip in March. I was also back in April for the Virginia Historic Garden Week tour in Newport News, and my coworker Stephanie also took me to the Newport News SPCA petting zoo that day, which was so cute and fun! I will actually be going to Newport News a third time later this month to emcee a charity gala for work. 

    Looking forward already to sharing another 101 in 1001 update this fall!! You can see all my past 101 in 1001 list posts HERE.

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese


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