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September 8, 2022


      One of my favorite things about the month of September- Lilly Pulitzer sale time! The Lilly Pulitzer Sunshine Sale is happening next week, and this time it's three days long! All the usual Lilly sale info is here below:

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     With my new outlook on blogging following the break I did this summer, I shared that I'm not planning to do much fashion or shopping content on here anymore. But my love for Lilly is an exception to that, and this is a sale that I genuinely enjoy shopping and wait for each year, so of course I'll still share that excitement here! 

     If you're a new fan of Lilly Pulitzer or this is going to be your first time shopping one of their two big annual sales- let me tell you that this is a sale you don't want to miss! I don't like being the type of blogger who ever makes you feel pressured to have to spend money and shop a sale (financial responsibility > shopping sales just to shop). BUT - this is definitely my favorite sale of the year and it's always been so much fun for me to share it with y'all, since I'm a huge Lilly fan! Lilly Pulitzer is my favorite clothing brand, and they only steeply discount their merchandise twice a year, during the winter and end-of-summer sales. Best-selling Lilly Pulitzer apparel and accessories will be marked down in-store and online for a range between 40-80% off their original prices, which is amazing! The Sunshine Sale includes a whole mix of women's apparel, men's and children's apparel, accessories, shoes, jewelry and more!

    A quick note about the name- yes, the newly named Sunshine Sale is the same sale you used to know and love as the After Party Sale!

     The Sunshine Sale used to typically be held both in Lilly company stores and online, but in the past couple years it has been more of an online focused sale. Select Lilly Pulitzer signature stores and boutiques that sell Lilly do participate, but this year the Sunshine Sale is happening directly through Lilly online only, and not in their company owned stores. Something else important to note is that the Sunshine Sale is final sale, so if you buy something in the online sale you'll want to be mindful of the sizing recommendations, since you can't return. The online version of the Sunshine Sale opens at 8am (EST) on Monday September 12th, and closes at 11:59pm on Wednesday September 14th, 2022.

     I recommend trying to log on to shop on Monday morning right at 8am if you're able! Lilly's website usually gets a bit overrun with website traffic so they set up a queue system for shoppers to wait in. Don't be alarmed if you end up with a very high number to start with in the queue! (My initial numbers are usually like 50000+) The line moves pretty quickly. Out of all the sales of the past five years, only once have I had to wait more than two hours to get in. Usually I'm able to get in to shop in thirty minutes or less, sometimes as quickly as five minutes! However, if work or commitments prevent you from logging on right then, don't fret! Some of my favorite items I've scored in recent sales were added in on the second day! 

     While there are many items in the Sunshine Sale that will be fully in stock until the sale closes Tuesday night, other things usually sell out within the first hour or two. Here are the categories of items that I think tend to go the fastest:
     Lastly, thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who shops the sale through clicking through links here on my blog! I use affiliate links on my blog, and each Lilly sale I have sales goals that I try to hit. Your support of my blog truly means the world to me, and I love sharing my love for Lilly Pulitzer with you. 

     Have fun shopping!! I know I'm excited for Monday!

      God Bless,

      xoxo Annaliese


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