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August 5, 2020

Midweek Ramblings.

{Beautiful views on a walk near downtown Charlottesville last week! Follow me on Instagram @miss_alk}

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  • Outdated "hot"  things: This is the funniest Buzzfeed Rewind article I've seen in awhile! It lists 29 fashion trends, dance moves and other cultural things that used to be considered sexy for young men to do... but now are very outdated! I had such a good laugh reading and sent it to several friends- ha!
  • The Points Guy articles: I'm not sure if any of my fellow travel lovers follow The Points Guy on social media or read the website, but I've been even more impressed with their travel articles since COVID-19 began! This new comprehensive country-by-country COVID-19 recovery article was so informative to read especially. I don't subscribe to many newsletters but I love seeing The Points Guy one in my inbox each day! 
  • Gilmore Girls update: I've been making my way through Gilmore Girls for the first time, and I'm now in the earlier episodes of Season 6. Wow does this show's pace change a lot from the first season! And so do some of the characters. I'm sure for most people that have seen it a bunch of times this is no shock to me, but watching it as a first timer it definitely is. It's been a fun show to make my way through this summer and I'm of course looking forward to the Netflix special that came out a few years ago once I finish the original show. I'm a huge fan of the show Hart of Dixie and now that I'm seeing Gilmore Girls I feel like Hart of Dixie gathers a lot of inspiration from it (quirky small town, certain characters). 

Weekend recaps:
  • Last weekend: A mix of different things to stay busy at home. (This was my first weekend of staying home in preparation to get a COVID test next week to hopefully see family in Maine!) Some cooking and baking, reading, back-end blog work, and lots of Gilmore Girls with my roommate Abigail. We watched episodes together Friday, Saturday and Sunday! 
  • This weekend: I've been craving Indian food since the start of the week, so I think takeout will be in order. I'm also way to excited for the third season of Selling Sunset which comes out on Friday on Netflix! I'm also going to start packing for Maine... I don't want to do too much packing early should something happen again with my trip, but I suppose always good to be prepared.

  • Totally forgot to share a couple purchases in last week's post. This one and the next were from a week ago. I grabbed this green raincoat on major sale- it's already getting good use with the rain Charlottesville is getting this week! 
  • I also picked up the most gorgeous gingham trench coat! This is more of a spring piece, but I'm already counting down until when I can wear it next year. 
  • I picked up this affordable pack of face masks in some fall colors- these will be perfect as my outfits start to transition. 

  • This is such a cute and preppy skort! Total Lilly vibes for a fraction of the price. 
  • I've been on a cute pajamas set kick lately and these are just darling. 
  • Katey from Chronicles of Frivolity styled this gorgeous polka dot dress and I am OBSESSED! How is this under $30?!
  • A classic bracelet that would be great for layering or wearing on its own. 
  • These have to be some of the cutest and girliest masks I've seen!

Currently reading: Becoming by Michelle Obama - still working my way through this one- it's due back at the library soon so hoping to finish it before the end of the week.

Recipe of the week: Coconut Cream Pie from Luscious Coconut Desserts - I love anything with coconut, but this was my first ever adventure into making coconut cream pie at home from scratch! It was a little time consuming, but a great weekend activity and it tasted wonderful! 

Song of the week: Sour Candy by Lady Gaga ft. BLACKPINK - I'm not as big a fan of a lot of Lady Gaga's newer music, but this song is definitely the exception. I want to check out BLACKPINK's other songs now. 

Favorite blog posts of the week:
  • Do Say Give - The type of blog post with advice you hope you never have to use, but if you do you'll be prepared. This post details the best ways to care for and gifts to give a friend or family member who has COVID-19! 
  • Seersucker Sass - Could not be happier that my sweet friend Dana is restarting her blog up! She'll quickly become one of your favorite weekly reads I know.
  • Amy Believes in Pink - Amy shared a great guide for making girls' weekend gift baskets! This is a must-save for any girls trip and would also be great for a bachelorette party. 

On the blog this week:

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese 


  1. Thank you SO MUCH for the shoutout, sweet friend! I appreciate it.

    Enjoy your takeout this weekend :) I've recently fallen in love with Indian food... I might just have to do the same!

  2. After binging on Indian Matchmaking... Indian food sounds GREAT :) Yum! Fingers crossed your trip to Maine works out!

  3. That Buzzfeed article cracked me up! To be fair, I don't think some of those things were so hot when they were hot, haha.
    And enjoy Gilmore Girls! I love it, and you are right it does change season to season. The Netflix special is good!

  4. That tree is gorgeous! I’m loving all of the crepe myrtles. I’ve started watching Gilmore Girls, it’s so cute. I can definitely see it inspiring Hart of Dixie.


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