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June 29, 2020

Home Decor for Geography Lovers: Meet Honey + Hank.

     I am so excited to introduce you today to one of my new favorite small businesses: Honey + Hank! This brand is turning a love for American geography into the most gorgeous home decor items. 

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Honey + Hank items: Lumbar pillow c/o // Tea Towel c/o 

     Meet Honey + Hank: Design with a Wink. Honey + Hank is a Texas based small business, founded by Jenny Smiley. Jenny wanted to create a company that celebrated the special states and cities all over America that we are passionate about. It could be your home state, or a favorite vacation destination. Maybe it's the city you moved to for work and fell in love with, or the state you went to college in. We all have these places, and Honey + Hank is here to celebrate them. While most of their designs right now are geography related, they also have a pastimes collection for sports and hobby lovers, and a nursery rhymes inspired collection for the little ones. 

     Honey + Hank takes different states and manages to disguise them into their gorgeous prints. It is such a unique way to display your love of a certain place within chic home decor. The gorgeous hydrangeas lumbar pillow that I have is actually comprised of all 50 states! If you look up close at each flower, you'll be able to spot each US state. How cool right?! Honey + Hank also has prints for individual states. They don't have all 50 yet, but they do currently have most Southern states in their shop. I love this Texas Bluebonnets pillow, as well as the North Carolina Dogwood pillow- just to name a few. The quality of the lumbar pillow that I have is wonderful. While I currently have it in my bedroom, it's a timeless piece that I'm sure will move to other parts of future homes I have in years to come! 

     Honey + Hank also makes napkins and tea towels in their fun prints. They currently have more individual states available for the tea towels than the pillows, too! I chose to go with one of the Virginia prints for mine. They have several cute VA designs, but I chose the Virginia Diagonal print, since it's in UVA colors! The University of Virginia is right here in Charlottesville- a few of my friends work for the school, and my roommate is a graduate student there right now! So this tea towel will be perfect for our kitchen. 

     As a self-proclaimed geography nerd, I love anything decor related that's a tribute to a place that's special to me. I love the Virginia and North Carolina prints that Honey + Hank makes, and I'm looking forward to whenever they add Maine and Vermont as well. I think that a Honey + Hank gift item would be the perfect choice for so many occasions: housewarming, bridal shower, graduation... the possibilities are endless when it comes to celebrating the places (or pastimes) we love. 
    Jenny and the Honey + Hank team are kindly giving away five tea towels to Southern Belle in Training followers! Enter the giveaway now on my Instagram here.

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese

     (P.S. A blog post all about the surprise Lilly Pulitzer Dressed for Summer sale is coming bright and early tomorrow!)



  1. Omg, STOP. That pillow is TOO CUTE. I love how the states are in there. Love it.


  2. These are the CUTEST items! I saw they have several Florida pieces so I think I know what I'll be adding to our house :) I also love the 50 state pieces- so unique and special!

  3. Oh my goodness, I love all of your new decor. I also love her story. I will have to get some of their nursery rhymes collection for Scarlett, so precious. I also really love geography too.


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