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October 11, 2018

My 10 Favorite Pinterest Recipes.

     I feel like trying a random recipe from Pinterest is the definition of the phrase "You win some, you lose some." You just never quite know what you're going to get with a Pinterest recipe! I've had some of the worst cooking and baking fails of my life from pins that looked enticing. So why do I keep using my recipe boards for so much of my cooking? Because for every fail, there's been a lot more recipe wins! I've found some of my favorite recipes of all time from pins. Pinterest is also really convenient! I have a large cookbook collection, but nothing beats pulling up a recipe on your phone.

     To save you the hassle of possibly trying a recipe that's no-good, I've rounded up 10 of my favorite Pinterest recipes, with direct links to each pin so you can save them for yourself! A bit about my cooking habits: I love rice based dishes (which you'll see evidenced here!), and I love spicy food. I'm trying to get better about eating more vegetables... but that's a work in progress. Many of these recipes below can be made meatless though! 

    1. Quick and Easy Black Bean and Rice Burritos - This is the Pinterest recipe that I make the most often! If you read my Midweek Ramblings posts where I give a "Recipe of the week," you've definitely heard me reference this a lot. These burritos are super easy to make and a very affordable (and tasty) vegetarian meal! I love making a cheesy burrito for dinner, and I add in hot sauce since I like spicy food. Then the next few days for lunch at work I bring the beans, corn and rice mixture to heat up!

    2. Light and Creamy Chicken Tortellini Soup - A great winter soup! It's also just as good without the chicken if you want a vegetarian version. I add a lot of red pepper flakes to it since I like spice.

    3. Italian Herb Meatballs - BEST Italian meatballs ever. Seriously- I think they taste better than a lot of restaurant meatballs. This is my favorite thing to make when I have company for dinner! I accompany the meatballs with a homemade spicy Arrabiata sauce from a cookbook of mine and penne pasta.

    4. Italian Roasted Potatoes - I don't make these as often as some of the other recipes here, but they are delicious! A great side dish to make for a fancier dinner. FYI - the recipe does make a pretty large portion, so I recommend making this is you have company over.

    5. Salsa Verde Chicken Pasta - This is a fun and spicy take on mac n cheese! Personally I prefer this without chicken. 

    6. Korean Beef Rice Bowls - After the burrito recipe above, this is the Pinterest recipe that I make the most often! I was able to buy the Gochujang sauce that the recipe requests at my local grocery store in the ethnic food section.

    7. Chicken Teriyaki Meatballs - This is a totally different type of meatballs than the recipe above, but these are really good, and fairly easy to make!

    8. Garlic Honey Ginger Glazed Salmon - In all honesty, I find fish kind of intimidating to cook and most seafood recipes to be hard to make for just one person (since I live alone), but when I do make it I cook salmon using this recipe! It's very easy and absolutely delicious. 

    9. Banana Cinnamon Muffins - I make muffins regularly. Homemade tastes so much better than store bought, and they're so simple to make! In addition to being a tasty breakfast item, I love baking muffins for road trips or work snacks. Banana muffins are a great way to add some fruit to your day and these are my favorite banana muffins.

    10. Cinnamon Apple Muffins - When I don't make banana muffins, I love making apple muffins! Especially in this season with apples from a local orchard. This is another simple fruit muffin recipe.

     Now here's my request from you! If you enjoyed this blog post, would you leave me a comment below with a link or two to some of your favorite Pinterest recipes? I'm always looking for more to try, and we can keep this going!! I can write a future blog post in a few months after I've tried the ones y'all leave me. 😊

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese



  1. All of these look so yummy! Off to pin them myself!

  2. Whenever I find myself browsing through Pinterest recipes, I'm sucked into a never ending wormhole! This is a perfect compilation to help narrow down the best ones I should try out next. Thank you for sharing!

  3. I love finding new recipes! These all sound delicious!

  4. The tortellini soup and the banana cinnamon muffins sound so appealing! I love scrolling through pinterest to find new recipes :)

  5. I see a couple recipes that I will have to try. The light and creamy chicken tortellini soup and chicken teriyaki meatballs sound like two that will be on the top of the list to try. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Pinning all of these because I always need recipe inspo! Tortellini soup is immediately jumping out at me as the perfect fall recipe.

  7. I have always wanted to try the teriyaki balls! Sounds amazing!

  8. These are all such great recipes! I want to try out that Banana Cinnamon muffin recipe!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  9. All of these sound great, especially the tortellini soup! I'm right there with you, I put red pepper flakes on EVERYTHING!

  10. This is my favourite Banana Blueberry bread recipe . It’s oh so yummy and sounds like your flow

  11. These all sound so yummy!!! I'm going to make one of those muffins this morning!

  12. That tortellini soup has been on my list to try since last fall! I make this spaghetti squash all the time! I know it's good because it's mostly vegetables but my fiancé will even ask for seconds

  13. Cinnamon Apple Muffins sound perfect for Fall! Love all these recipes.


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