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October 25, 2018

Modern Classic Fall Style with Talbots.

     This might be one of my favorite fashion collaborations of the year! I'm so excited to share this modern and classic fall look with y'all today.

Photography by my mom 😊

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Coat c/o // Turtleneck c/o // Purse c/o // Earrings {old, but also from Talbots!}

      What comes to mind when you hear the phrase "Modern Classic Style"? For me, it would be wearing an outfit that is both current yet timeless. Something that I could wear five or ten years ago, or five or ten years from now, and still feel stylish wearing. The store that comes to mind? Definitely Talbots! Modern Classic Style happens to be their store slogan, and I think that it fits perfectly with their brand.

     Talbots is able to accomplish something that I believe few women's fashion retailers can in this day and age. They're able to successfully appeal to women of all ages. I began shopping at Talbots early in my college years, and fell in love with some of their more feminine and preppy styles of clothing, as well as the accessories. I know that I will continue shopping at Talbots without a doubt for years to come.

    The Talbots Friends & Family Event is currently going on now! They're offering 30% on all of their favorite styles, and this does include the new arrivals!! This is a great time to invest in some classic pieces for your fall and winter wardrobe. I am just obsessed with this gorgeous coat. It's called the Italian Wool Coat, and it comes in a few colors. I felt that this beautiful tan color would be the most versatile for my wardrobe! It also coordinated perfectly in that color with this chic purse and my black turtleneck sweater.

     My mom took the blog photos for today's post when she was in Charlottesville visiting, and I just wanted to add in a quick extra note about why that was special for this campaign. As I've gotten older, my style has evolved and changed (which I suppose is normal for any girl growing up). Anyways, my adult style often tends to be different from my mom's. Her sense of style is very classic, and she prefers minimal or more dainty accessories and jewelry. I tend to favor really bold (possibly flashy) colors- there is definitely lots of neon in my wardrobe. And as far as jewelry...  the bigger the earrings and necklaces the better!

     Anyways, Talbots has consistently been a retailer that my mom and I can both shop at together, and each leave with a full shopping bag of new clothes and accessories. This store is ideal for mothers and daughters to shop at, and each one would find things that they like. My mom has generously bought me so many things from Talbots through the years- the earrings that I chose to wear in today's post being one of them. I've also bought her things from there for occasions like Mother's Day! When I think of my love for Talbots, I always think of my mom, so it was extra special that she got to take the photos in today's post. 😊

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese

     Thank you to Talbots for gifting me the items marked as c/o in today's post. All opinions in today's post are honest and my own. Thanks for supporting the brands that support Southern Belle in Training!



  1. That jacket is amazing! It is a classic piece!

  2. The jacket is so Megan Markle! And I love that your mom took the photos!

  3. I LOVE that jacket! This look is so fantastic, definitely something that I think I would like to wear myself.

  4. Your mom is a great photographer! I absolutely love this jacket. It’s so sophisticated. I also love the scarf in your hair. You look gorgeous!

  5. you look so good! I need to start dressing better! I have been just rocking leggings!

  6. I really need to get to Talbots! I always see great pieces from there but I've never actually gone there! I am so loving that gorgeous coat! The structure of it is classic and pretty!

    xo Deborah
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