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July 18, 2018

Midweek Ramblings + Recent Purchases + Current Wishlist.

{Fun with my girlfriends at Afton Mountain Winery this past weekend! Follow me on Instagram @miss_alk}

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  • Nordstrom Sale 2018: If you follow a lot of fashion bloggers, I'm sure you're well aware that the 2018 Nordstrom Sale is underway! I do personally enjoy shopping the sale, as I've shared in other blog posts. It's a great way to get designer merchandise at a good discount, and also a good time to stock up on fall basics. Personally- I love reading every blogger's post about the sale, to see what items everyone purchased! However, for my own shopping habits I make a point to not overspend each year- only buying things that I really love and will use a lot. I'm curious what your thoughts are on the sale, especially in regards to bloggers promoting it? I have another big NSale blog post coming up tomorrow and another one next Monday, but after that I won't be covering it too much.
  • 5k prep: In Monday's blog post, I did a "check-in" with progress that I've made of New Year's Resolutions. One goal for 2018 that I haven't done well with since moving to Virginia was getting good enough with running to run a 5k. Writing that blog post totally re-motivated me, and over the weekend I found an easy-ish treadmill 5k training plan! So far I've stuck with it... it's four weeks long, so wish me luck that I'll make it and be able to finally cross this resolution off! 
  • Organization inspiration: Olivia Rink is one of my favorite bloggers to follow on Instagram (stop what you're doing right now and follow her if you haven't!), and this past week I remembered how much I love her blog as well! She shared this blog post last week about how she organizes her bathroom and jewelry collection... #GOALS y'all! I thought I was fairly organized at home until I read this! 

     Weekend Recaps: 
  • Last weekend: Y'all- I think last weekend was the best weekend of my summer, SERIOUSLY!!! It pretty much started Thursday night and ended on Sunday. Last Thursday I went to a fun happy hour mix and mingle type event with my church's 20s/30s people, and there were other young professional aged people there from tons of other Charlottesville churches. I think over 100 people went- it was amazing! Friday night I had a work event, and friends came out to support me at that which was so sweet. Saturday's agenda was heading to a winery to celebrate a girlfriend's birthday in the afternoon, and then that night was a pool party! The pool party info was sent out to pretty much everyone who went to the Charlottesville churches mixer on Thursday, so a TON of people came! It was so much fun. Sunday the fun didn't stop... church in the morning and then everyone from my church did a river tubing trip in the afternoon! It was my first time tubing, and I got to cross that off my bucket list! I ended my Sunday with grocery shopping and Netflix. What a PERFECT and FUN weekend! Sorry this recap is so long- didn't want to leave anything I did out. 🙂
  • This weekend: I am headed back to my beloved Tar Heel state (NC!!!) for the first time since I moved in April 2017! (Not counting a 45 minute layover I had in Charlotte in December...) I will be going to a wedding for a college friend, and one of my very best friends is a bridesmaid, and we are staying together Saturday night which will be so fun. Unfortunately I don't have time to visit Charlotte on this quick trip, but just knowing I'll be spending the night in North Carolina makes my heart SO HAPPY!!!! (Can you tell I've missed it?)


  • The NSale is underway, and my purchases have arrived! Looking forward to styling them for y'all soon. I was good this year and only purchased three things that I actually could really use in my wardrobe, and would wear often. I'm proud of myself haha!! #selfcontrol
  • My first purchase was the Natori Feathers Underwire bra. I'd seen a lot of other bloggers rave about how comfortable this is over the past couple years, so I figured I'd give it a try. In the past I've always pretty much just been a diehard Victoria's Secret shopper for undergarments, but I am glad I tried this bra! It is indeed very comfortable, and wears well under clothing.
  • My splurge purchase in this year's sale was this Barefoot Dreams cardigan. When I saw that this was over $100 full price, and marked down to $76 in the sale, I was like "Almost $80 for a CARDIGAN?!" However- the heavy AC at work has been a problem for me this summer, and since I'm cold now every weekday, I figured I'd splurge and try it. Y'ALL- this is the COMFIEST and SOFTEST cardigan ever!! I am already thinking I'll ask for another for Christmas. 
  • I also purchased this striped shirt- a fall and winter staple that I know I'll get a ton of use out oft!  


     Recipe of the week: Raspberry Coconut Muffins from Taste of Lizzie T. These are some of the tastiest muffins I've ever made and remain a favorite breakfast recipe of mine! I made them last week and was reminded how delicious they are. 

      Song of the week: Summer Fever by Little Big Town. Hands down this is one of my top new country songs for 2018- if not my favorite of all so far! SO catchy and the perfect summer anthem (and it sounds more pop than country!).  

     On the blog this week:

      God Bless,

      xoxo Annaliese 


  1. I have a few barefoot dreams cardigans that I have purchased through NSales and I love them! They are perfect for the freezing office during the summer and a staple all winter.

  2. Your weekend looked so fun, Annaliese! Those muffins sound so yummy!


  3. I have been hearing such good things about Barefoot dreams! Gotta check it out! Also love your post and hearing your updates!

  4. In the past three years of the NSale (basically since I first started shopping it), I've purchased a Barefoot Dreams cardigan in each sale and they do not disappoint. This year in addition to a new cardigan of a different style than I already have, I also picked up the robe-which wasn't on sale, but was still under $100-I can't wait to have it for this Fall & Winter!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern and Style

  5. I feel ya on the Nordstrom sale! Usually I will pick up a couple pieces but since I just took a trip to Vegas and California, I decided to save my money this year.

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  6. I can't wait to see your NSale items! I'm hoping to keep my purchases to a minimum this year and put the money toward other things!

  7. I'm totally crushing on those TB flats, too! I have two pair and definitely want to stock up during the sale :)

    -xo, Azanique |

  8. it's no secret i'm over the nsale and how freaking mass broadcasted it has become. I agree - i shop it, but only a few items i will make the most out of. it's just become SO ridiculous (IMO).

  9. ahh hope you had fun at the winery! I wish Tory burch had better sandals for the nsale!! I was trying to replace an old pair but the options were limited =(

  10. I wish I got those TB sandals from the sale! So many good things!

  11. oh yes can't wait to see what you got this year and how you'll be styling them!! i'm also trying not to outspend this year, mostly coz i want to buy other stuff hahaha

  12. Whoaaaaa Olivia's organization is next level! I'll be aspiring to that once I move to my new apartment.


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