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July 16, 2018

2018 Resolutions + Summer Bucket List Check-In.

     Forget how fast summer is moving... can you believe we are this far into 2018?! I sure can't- this year has flown by. Sometimes it can be easy to hit the ground running with New Year's resolutions or bucket list goals in the winter, and then we forget about them and neglect them later in the year. I don't want that to be me this year, so I thought today's post would be the perfect time for a resolution check-in, and also looking at my summer bucket list again! I challenge you to do the same soon too. 

Pink one-piece swimsuit

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     *Complete 52 Week Savings Plan again (previously completed as 2016 resolution): Haven't technically kept up with this, but also have? I haven't been following the same savings plan I used in 2016 for putting away money, but instead I now have a larger set amount from my paycheck that gets automatically put into savings every two weeks (both a general savings account and my new 401k). So technically I'm saving away more money than I would be with the 52 week plan? So I guess- yes, I have been doing this, and more than intended!

    *Do a minimum of two workouts a week, with goal of running a 5k in 2018: Yes on the workouts... running.... ehh haha. I was doing so well with building up my stamina for running when I still had a gym membership in Vermont. Around the time that I moved, I was running 2.5 miles on the treadmill! Then I moved to Virginia, and it look me about a good month of just adjusting to my new apartment and job to even think about finding the time to work out. Now I work out in  my apartment gym, and for the last several weeks I've gone to workout there 2-3 times a week. However- I've had to start over with running. Right now just running a mile is a struggle! This weekend while working on this blog post I got re-motivated with running, and I downloaded a 5k training plan- hopefully I can finally do it!

     *Spend quiet time each morning in uninterrupted prayer: Similar to the previous one... I did great at this while in Vermont, but haven't kept up since moving to Virginia. NEED to get back to this- a healthy prayer life and quiet time spent with God is so important!

     *Read 30 books this year: This resolution somehow missed being included in my blog post about the ones I had for 2018, but it was a goal of mine nonetheless! This is the one that I've done the best at! As of this weekend, I have read 24/30 books for 2018. Kind of hoping to way exceed and maybe read 50 books this year?! 

      Charlottesville VA Summer 2018 Bucket List:

     *Plan an overnight trip to see one of Virginia's beaches: Not yet! Still maybe crossing my fingers for this to happen in August, but it might not happen until Summer 2019 due to a lot of unexpected car expenses that have thrown my budget for a loop.

     *Visit one new-to-me hiking trail somewhere in the mountains. Yep! Hiked in Sugar Hollow Reservoir (in between Charlottesville and Crozet) on the 4th of July with some of my girlfriends. 

     *Find a local nature walking trail in Charlottesville for weekly walks. Yes! Have checked out the part of the Charlottesville Rivanna Trail that runs through Darden Towe Park, which is near where I work. I've also visited the Monticello Trail this summer, another great option for weekday walks.

     *Drive more of the Blue Ridge Parkway. Nope- not yet. Hopefully soon!

     *Visit 12 wineries (by the time summer is over) on the Monticello Wine Trail! So far this summer I've visited two new-to-me vineyards, bringing my total of vineyards visited so far to seven.

     *Go to a polo match at King Family Vineyards. Yes! It was almost 100 degrees out on the Sunday that I went with friends, but hey I can still check this off! 

     *Go to Sunset Series at Carter's Mountain Orchard (Thursday night concert series). Yes! And I also went to Carter's Mountain for viewing the 4th of July fireworks. 

     *Shop at Short Pump in Richmond (the nicer shopping district, similar to Charlotte's SouthPark). Not yet! I did spend some time in Richmond in June but didn't get to do this yet.

     *Go tubing on the James River. Yes to tubing, but I did it on a local river instead of the James! This weekend a lot of friends from my church did a tubing afternoon on Charlottesville's Rivanna River. It was my first time tubing and it was so much fun!! Hopefully next summer I can tube on the James (bigger river). 

     *Continue meeting weekly with my women's Community Group at my new church. Yes! We met during Tuesdays in the school year (I joined the group in April shortly after moving), and throughout the summer we've managed to hang out at least a few Tuesday evenings out of each month. 

     *Continue participating in monthly service projects with my new church. Yes- for June! The monthly weekend projects are on break in July and August. I'm currently praying about finding a ministry that I can get involved with volunteering more regularly for in the fall- either through my church or separately. 

     I'm planning to share another summer bucket list check-in at the end of the season- probably around or after Labor Day! If you made resolutions for the year or a summer bucket list, I definitely suggest taking a few minutes sometime soon to review everything and adjust your goals if needed. Let's make things happen in the rest of July and in August!

     I didn't want to overwhelm y'all this year with Nordstrom Sale content, so that's why I scheduled this more personal post for today to get the week started on the blog! This morning I am shooting my Nordstrom sale purchases with Kate, and I'm looking forward to sharing those looks later in the week.

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese 


  1. I definitely need to start saving more! I just set up my account to have some money go towards my savings account too!

  2. I also feel like summer is almost done, but it is actually just started here.

  3. LOVE your swimsuit, Annaliese - it's so cute! Way to go on your financial and workout goals! I'm having to start all over with running too, and it's so not fun. My first 5k in almost a year is this Saturday and I'm so not ready :( . Keep telling myself it's finishing that counts (even if I have to walk part of it...). When we lived in VA, we used to love going to Virginia Beach and eating on the boardwalk. My all-time favorite VA beach has to be Assateague Island - they have wild ponies!!! It's a must-see :)

  4. You've actually gotten a ton crossed off your list - it's inspiring. I like the idea of breaking your bucket list down into years. That seems so fun. I'm with you on the morning prayer - I need to get back to it.

  5. You are absolutely killing your summer bucket list, Annaliese! Good luck getting back into running!


  6. You are doing AMAZING on your goals!!! I get so happy seeing your blog posts knowing how much happier you are in Virginia!!

  7. Great goals! My long-term goals have been to save more so that I can hopefully travel before the summer ends!

  8. Sounds like you're slowly making your way through your resolutions and bucket list for the summer! Also it sounds like your summer has been awesome so far!

    The Classic Brunette

  9. Awesome job at reading so many books! I read 64 back in 2016 and was SO happy with myself, but that number was halved in 2017, and hasn't even reached double digits this year, which I'm super bummed about. I'm a lot busier these days, but reading is one of my favourite things to do so I really need to work on making time for it!

  10. omg you've already read 24 books this year?! i think i've only read 4 xD although i was pretty late to the game hahaha and yeah, running is definitely one of those athletic goals that can get set back really easily xD good luck! x

  11. I think that moving really forces you to reset on a lot of things. I stopped running for a while when I got busy recently but when I finally managed to get back on a treadmill, I couldn't run my usual 3 miles anymore!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  12. So many fun things on your list! Keep it up girl!

  13. I love that floaty!! 😂 I also love he idea of visiting some wineries!


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