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April 11, 2018

Midweek Ramblings + Recent Purchases + Current Wishlist.

Evelyn Henson Map Art - Preppy Bedroom

{Loving my new Evelyn Henson Charlottesville Map print! Follow me on social media @miss_alk}

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  • DMV debacle: If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen my rant about having quite a difficult time at the Virginia DMV this weekend! This was my third DMV visit in the past three years (NC, VT, and now here!), so I thought that I knew how this process worked pretty well and that it would be an in and out visit. Nope! Each state's laws are a little different, and so it goes, I wasn't able to register my car and get the new license plates, due to a weird law here that applies to something with my vehicle specifically. This week I have to mail some paperwork to the state DMV department in Richmond- isn't adulting fun?! On the plus side- I was able to get my new license. They didn't show me a preview of the picture... hoping when I get it in the mail next week it's not awful! 
  • Weirdest weather: One thing that I forgot about life in the South is how unpredictable weather can be in early spring/late fall. Monday morning in Charlottesville began with SNOW. Weirdly this was the one year anniversary of my move to Vermont. Anyways- the end of the week and weekend is supposed to have highs around 80. That's a 50 degree temperature change in the same week! I can't y'all. I'm hoping it stays warm for good now!
  • Cardi B on the Tonight Show: So since I worked in Top 40 radio at the time when Bodak Yellow came out last year... I am quite familiar from my line of work with Cardi B's early hits- ha! I am not really a fan of her music... but since I used to talk about her on the radio everyday for months, I am quite intrigued by her as a celebrity still and I was both surprised and not surprised to hear that she announced her pregnancy this weekend! Anyways- I decided to watch her co-host The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon- I didn't catch it live but I was able to watch it On Demand the next evening. OH MY GOSH. I might not be the biggest fan of all of her music but Cardi B is hilarious!!! Can she become a permanent host on The Tonight Show please? I can't remember the last time I laughed this hard. This article recaps some of her highlights from episode. 
  • changes: I'm probably the last fashion blogger ever you're hearing this from- but in case you haven't heard this from another blogger, (the affiliate program that allows you to shop bloggers' Instagram photos!) was forced to go through a big update last week thanks to some Instagram API changes. used to work by users liking an Instagram photo from a blogger, and then they were emailed details of what the blogger was wearing. had to discontinue their email service due to the Instagram API changes. 😢 Good news though! They do have their own app- it's awesome and very user friendly. You can follow bloggers individually on the app, or screenshot photos from Instagram from bloggers and upload them to the app (that's how I use it!)- and still get all outfit and product details from myself and your other favorite bloggers! OR- you can always shop and get product info right here on my blog. 😊Let me know if you have any questions about this! I really do think the LTK app is super easy- I personally always preferred it to the emails!

  • I've tried a different scent of dry shampoo from this line before and it was one of my favorites! It works well and it's under $10! I decided to try a new scent of their dry shampoo this week and I love it so far! 
  • My friend Niki from Nicholle Sophia reviewed these lashes on her blog a couple weeks ago, so I had to try them for myself! They are so popular right now that they were sold out at a couple stores I tried, but I finally found them at CVS. 
  • In not very exciting purchases for the week- I finally bought a microwave for my apartment! My current apartment is the first place I've ever lived that didn't come with a microwave in-unit. This weekend I finally went microwave shopping (how boring and adult is that?), this is the one I bought if anyone is curious! I really like it so far. 


  • One thing that is lacking in my closet right now is a cute pair of dress shorts!! I definitely need a new pair for this summer and I have my eye on these dress shorts- they come in two colors! 
  • I've been trying to wear more of my statement earrings for work lately to make my weekday outfits more fun. I have such a crush on these beautiful blue earrings.
  • This isn't a fashion item... but I'm dying to get my hands on the Virginia Atlas!! I have the Maine and North Carolina atlases and love looking at them for fun- I'm a maps nerd! I know getting the VA one will inspire me to take road trips in my new state. 
  • How cute are these leopard print flats! I love the strap on them- it adds such a fun twist. 
  • Tie-front tops are so in right now. This striped one is so classic and chic. 

Recipe of the week: Pork Empanadas from Southern Living Fix It & Freeze It & Heat It & Eat It.  I tried making an easy empanada recipe this week from a cookbook I got for Christmas- and I LOVED IT!!! This recipe sadly isn't online, but this recipe is really similar! It uses beef but you could use ground pork instead if you wanted I'm sure. I never would have thought to use biscuit dough for empanadas but it worked so well.

Song of the week: Breathe by Jax Jones ft. Ina Wroldsen. Clean Bandit Radio on Spotify has been my jam this week! They play some Jax Jones songs in the mix, and that's how I discovered this one. It's so upbeat and should be a must-add to your workout or running playlist if you have one. I seriously love any European dance pop type music so much! 

On the blog this week: 

    Enjoy the rest of your week! My day is off to a funny start... I'll share this story on Instagram Stories once all is well, but I have to head to the dentist unexpectedly this morning!! I'm hoping all will be resolved with this visit.

     Wednesday Afternoon Update: Just got word that one of my favorite jewelry retailers is having a big sale starting today!! If you need some pretty new pieces for spring, now is the time to stock up! (Their stuff can normally be a little pricy so I like to shop the sales!) Shop the sale here! 

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese 



  1. Those empanadas sound amazing! And I'll have to try out that dry shampoo, I've used their just plain dry shampoo but I'm intrigued by the body building aspect.

  2. OMG girl the weather has been insane in my part of Texas. We were in the 80's one day and literally freezing low 30's the very next day!?!

  3. love all these and sorry your DMV experience was so bad.... hopefully it'll get sorted out soon! and i'm not a big fan of LTK.... :/ but that's interesting that even they were affected haha

  4. i didn't even hear that liketkit was disabled! Big news to this fashion blogger LOL

  5. Gah, I feel like my soul gets sucked out of me every time I have to go to the DMV! I always try to avoid it when I can. I've lived in DC since 2008 and I only got a DC license last year (I just kept my licence from my old home state of MD and I just voted there - THAT'S how much I hate going to the DMV)! Luckily, I live in DC where a car isn't necessary so I don't have register a car. That'd be a nightmare!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  6. the weather in the midwest is just about the same, haha. it's snowed like 3x this past couple of weeks and other days its in the 40's or 70's

  7. Yeah everyone not just fashion bloggers are kinda freaking out about all the instagram changes lately. We'll see how things shake out in the end.

  8. I just ordered an atlas of the Southwest for an upcoming road trip. I'm so excited. I Will most certainly catch up on the episode of The Tonight Show with Cardi B, I had no idea she was cohosting this week!

  9. Evelyn Henson's prints are so cute! I wish she had one for my town.

  10. That tie front top is so cute! I bought a few for upcoming trips. Perfect for warmer weather.

  11. The liketoknowit news is BIG-- such a huge change for bloggers who use it!

  12. omg Cardi B's episode of the Tonight Show had me in stitches, too! I love how she is so unapologetically herself- it's pretty inspiring, actually.


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