May 29, 2017

Memorial Day Weekend Outfit + 3 Books I've Read This Month.

     Sharing a darling (and affordable!) off-the-shoulder dress for summer today, and it's also one of my very last photoshoots from when I lived in Charlotte! I'm also sharing a quick review of the three books that I've read in the past month from my local library.

Photography by Deeana Kourtney Photography

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      This darling off the shoulder dress was another fun fashion find on my Italy trip a couple months ago. It's finally getting warm enough here in Vermont to wear things like this, but I was able to wear it a bit in Charlotte before I moved! This dress is lightweight and made of a very comfortable material. The retailer that I bought it at in Italy is an international store that ships to the US, and the dress is priced at under $30 in USD! It also comes in 3 other colors. 😊 I think the pretty blue and white pattern is perfect especially as a Memorial Day Weekend outfit option, and could also be cute for the 4th of July in a couple months. 

     Since moving to Vermont, I've been trying to get back into reading in my spare time! I grew up as a total bookworm, but my love of reading had to be put on hold for a few years in college. Ah college- the period of life where there just aren't enough hours in the day! Anyways, now that I finally have a fairly set schedule at work and free evenings most weeknights, I've been trying to prioritize reading again. I enjoy reading all types of books, but since this month I was still settling into my new home and job, I wanted some light and girly "beach" type reads. These are the three books that I read from my local library in the past month! 

     *Jemima J by Jane Green: This book was written and is set in the late 90s, and it's about the very beginnings of the online dating world. The main character, Jemima, is British, and she meets someone in an online dating chatroom from the US. It chronicles her relationship with him, and also a real-life relationship with one of her colleagues. This wasn't the best book I've ever read and I found the ending to be predictable, but I did think it was interesting to read about the early days of the online dating scene, with dating apps and websites continuing to pop up and be used at such an explosive pace now in 2017.

     *How To Meet Cute Boys by Deanna Kizis: This book is about a young woman who works for a women's magazine (Kind of like a fictional version of Cosmopolitan), and how her work ties in with her meeting a mysterious guy. I thought I would really enjoy this book.... but I actually hated it, and only got halfway through it. There was a lot of bad language and sexual content in this book. Obviously both of those things are present in many books, including some of my favorite reads, but I think they only have a place if it really adds to the story or character development. In this case, it did not, and the author seemed to use it only because the story wasn't that exciting, so I lost interest and thought the main character seemed a bit crude. 

     *Little Bitty Lies by Mary Kay Andrews: My favorite book from the library this time around! I don't think I've read anything by Mary Kay Andrews before but hopefully that will be changing now. This book tells the story of Mary Bliss McGowan, a well-to-do Atlanta wife and mother, whose husband mysteriously disappears one day. This book is both funny, heartfelt, and also romantic, and has a fun plot. I also loved the fact it was set in the South... I miss it! 

     These books and cute off the shoulder dresses are linked below! I hope that y'all have enjoyed your long weekend so far! I had to work overtime this weekend to cover radio shifts for some of my station's other on-air personalities (perks of being the new girl at work- ha!), but it was still an enjoyable weekend.

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese (or Charlotte XO on the radio!)



  1. Firstly, I'm having major hair envy right now! And secondly, impressed that you read three books this month! I need to make a goal like that and stick to it!

  2. Little Bitty Lies sounds so good-I love getting book recommendations and adding them to my Amazon wishlist; it helps me remember what I want to read when it's time to choose a new book!

    xoxo, SS

  3. I love your brown shoes from your MDW outfit! I would have been freezing on Long Island if I wore that adorable outfit this weekend haha it was chilly!

    If you are looking for a great book, definitely try You are a Bada** by Jen Sincero. I loved it!!! Great inspiration that every woman should read.

    xx Kait //

  4. Little Bitty Lies sounds like an awesome book. I will have to read it

    xx, Melissa

  5. I set out to read 2 books last month and I only made it through one! I'm so behind! Great job fitting in three!

  6. Isn't it funny how in some books swearing and sexual content aren't bothersome because it really is natural in the story and in other books it is just obnoxious because it's just thrown in almost to be crass. There is DEFINITELY a difference! I'm happy at least one of your library books didn't disappoint. Such a cute off the shoulder dress too (:

  7. The dress is too cute and I love the book suggestions! I've been wanting to read some new books and these sound amazing!

    -Sabine |

  8. I really love that dress, it is so cute and playful!

  9. How cute are you, I am loving that dress on you babe.

  10. Very cute dress! I'm disappointed that you didn't like How to Meet Cute Boys because I like the title, and the plot sounds interesting. I've never actually heard of it before now though.

  11. I haven't heard of those books, so I definitely gotta check them out!! And loving the outfit :)

  12. This dress is so cute, but I really love those shoes! And all of these books sound really interesting. I just finished reading a few myself, so I'll have to check them out!

  13. I typically really like Jane Green books, I'll have to check this one out!

  14. That dress is so cute! Checking out the books.


  15. Sorry to hear you didn't enjoy the first couple books that much! Very cute dress though :)

  16. So weird about that second book, I don't know why authors decide that adding steamy scenes will make the story seem better if it has a tanking plot! In other news, haha I love that dress!

    The Classic Brunette


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