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May 23, 2017

Bold White Dress + My Spring TV Schedule.

     I'm styling this fun little white dress today, and also telling y'all about what I'm enjoying watching on TV this spring! I shared my winter TV picks a few months ago, so I thought I was due for an update in my currently watching department. 

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    First thing's first- this dress. If you're getting married anytime soon, this would be the ideal bachelorette party dress! It's sassy and fun, and with the under $20 price point, you won't be that sad if it got a little bit ruined during the festivities that bachelorette parties can bring! 😉 And if you're far away from being a bride or bachelorette for the time being (like myself!), you can still rock this cute white dress all summer long. Since it makes such a dramatic statement with the ruffles and the cold-shoulder detailing, I chose not to wear a necklace with it. Instead I opted for fun statement earrings, and I put my hair up to highlight the shoulders!

    Now as promised, my spring TV watching schedule. Since moving, I have probably been watching more TV than I ever have in my life, haha! My rent in my new apartment included a cable package, which I've been trying to take advantage of. I've been really trying to get most blogging work done in the mornings before work and also during my lunch break after my on-air shift is done, so that way at night after work I can be computer-free and decompress after the workday by cooking dinner, reading, and watching TV! Anyways, while a few of my favorite shows just had their season finales last week (The Big Bang Theory and Jane the Virgin) these are the shows that I'm enjoying currently: 

  • The Bachelorette (ABC): Okay I feel like every blogger and their mother watches this, so this one probably isn't a shocker, lol! I have been watching the shows in this franchise since the winter 2010 season, which was Brad 2.0's Bachelor season (and the intro of Emily Maynard- everyone's favorite Charlotte Bachelorette!). I used to be a diehard fan during the rest of my high school and early college years, but over the past couple years I've only been watching The Bachelorette and not The Bachelor. Personally I think it's a lot more fun to see the dynamic of all the guys in the house, I think it's so much more funny and when it's all the girls competing for one guy I think the drama gets really out of hand. (I also had my morning radio internship while The Bachelor was on during this past season, so there was no chance I was staying up to watching that! Haha.) Anyways- I'm looking forward to Rachel's season as it continues. Where so many people watch The Bachelorette, this is a show that I'm hoping to talk about on-air with my work, and hopefully get some radio listeners excited about the show too.
  • Great News (NBC): This is a brand new NBC comedy that follows that follows the adventures of a news producer at an evening news program... whose mom starts interning for her TV station! This show has a similar comedic flavor to other past NBC comedies like 30 Rock and Parks and Recreation, but I especially love it since I just graduated from broadcasting school. Even though I ended up working in radio, I studied a lot about television news in school, and I can say that although the characters in Great News are a bit wacky, the way that the newsroom actually runs is pretty accurate! This show was just renewed for a second season, which I'm really excited about.
  • Hollywood Darlings (POP TV): If there's one female celebrity who I have and have always had the biggest girl crush on... it's Beverley Mitchell! She's best known for playing Lucy from 7th Heaven. Beverley in real life is an absolute sweetheart just like Lucy. Unlike most child stars, she managed to stay away from the crazy lifestyles and bad decisions of a lot of starlets, and instead settled down and got married, and now is a mom to two beautiful children! Beverley also has a lifestyle blog which is one of my favorite reads. Anyways, she is back on TV now, in an adorable comedy called Hollywood Darlings, which also stars fellow former child stars Jody Sweetin and Christine Larkin! This show is scripted, but it's done in the style of a reality show, and all three women play themselves. I watch it of course because I'd watch anything Beverley Mitchell was apart of, but I really have fallen in love with the show! It's really cute and fun, and a highlight of my week to watch these ladies' adventures in Hollywood.

     Are you watching any of these shows this spring? Are there any TV shows (either live or on Netflix) that I need to check out? And what are your thoughts on little white dresses for spring? 

     Hope y'all are having a great week!

     xoxo Annaliese (or Charlotte XO on the radio!)



  1. Bloodlines on netflix returns for it's final season on friday! definitely check it out!

  2. The drama does get out of hand on The Bachelor, sometimes to the point that I actually feel bad for the women haha! That white dress is a great breezy staple for spring and summer, gorgeous!

  3. Such a cute white dress! I always love to have a few shashed in my closet. I love your hairstyle... it is so simple, yet beautiful!

  4. That dress is so cute!!! I love white on you girl!

  5. My goodness - I adore this dress! It's so cute, and I can't believe how affordable it is. Also, I loved Beverley in 7th Heaven and had no idea that she was getting back to TV. I would love love love to watch that show. Can't wait to check it out!

  6. That dress is so adorable and what a great price too!! I'm so excited that the Bachelorette is back on :) I've also been watching Dancing with the Stars & The Voice but both of those shows are wrapping up soon!

    Kristen |

  7. Love the Bachelorette too! Need to check out Hollywood Darlings. Sounds promising.

  8. I am so obsessed with those earrings! Im also watching the bachelorette! Think its gonna be a great season!

  9. The dress looks gorgeous, but honestly, I've never seen an entire season of the bachelor/ette xD

  10. I love the cold shoulder on this dress! White dresses are my favorite for summer!

  11. Love the dress! And Great News sounds really interesting - I'll have to check it out. I'm currently watching the new season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and the new Season of House of Cards starts soon, Both will keep me busy for a while!

  12. Omg I am in love your dress. This is such cute look!

    Oby Grace

  13. Love this dress on you! You look stunning :)

    xo //

  14. This dress is adorable! I love the accessories you put with it!

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