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August 8, 2016

The Prettiest Plaid.

     Late summer is such an interesting time in the blogging world for the type of fashion content that bloggers are publishing. Temperatures in many parts of the country (such as where I now live) are in the 90s or even 100s everyday, yet with many stores and brands already beginning to promote their fall lines, a lot of bloggers brave the heat and and jump right into shooting fall looks. The Nordstrom Sale, which just ended yesterday, just seemed to encourage the enthusiasm for fall attire. While I am still loving many of my favorite summer looks, I am also starting to catch the fall fashion bug and starting thinking about what trends I'll be enjoying this fall.

      The one thing that I really dislike about fall and winter fashion is that dark colors become prominent again. I adore all things bright and colorful, so my goal each year during the cooler months is to find fashion pieces that incorporate my love of pretty colors, but are also appropriate for cooler temperatures. This amazing dress that I am wearing from Dainty Jewell's is the perfect example of what would make up my ideal fall look! It features eye-popping and beautiful colors, but is doubly lined which makes it perfect for chillier days. I've worn another Dainty Jewell's dress previous on the blog before (found in this post!). Dainty Jewell's is an online women's clothing retailer that sells some of the most beautiful and unique dresses. They are also a Christian company, which I enjoy supporting! Definitely check them out if you're looking for some dresses for all that will stand out in the best possible way. :-)

     In other news, how was everyone's weekend? Mine was absolutely incredible, as I spent it in Charleston attending The Blog Societies 4th annual conference. This was my first time attending a blogging conference and it completely blew my expectations!! I'll be sharing some posts about some of the outfits that I wore this week and next, and hopefully a full conference recap soon as well. I'm already excited for next year's event!

      xoxo Miss ALK

     Dainty Jewell's and Banana Republic provided gifted product in exchange for this post. All opinions are honest and my own. Thank-you for supporting the brands that support Southern Belle in Training!


  1. Your shoes are so cute, Annaliese! I also love the bow on the back of your dress, so pretty!


  2. I love it!! I just can't wait for fall now!!! :)

  3. Such an interesting color combo. Loving it!

  4. Such an incredible dress! I'd rock this all autumn long!

    P.S. Loved meeting you this weekend :)

    Greta |

  5. I love that you try to incorporate your colorful style all year long (:

  6. Had so much fun with you this weekend, this is a great transition piece for fall.

    Sarah ||

  7. You look beautiful, girl!!! I love all of the vibrant colors in that dress and LOVE those red shoes!

    xo Ashley

  8. Such a beautiful dress!! It is so fun and just screams happiness! You look gorgeous!

    La Belle Sirene

  9. This dress looks very comfortable. I like the print a lot.

  10. Love the colors in that plaid. Such a unique colorway!


  11. I love your dress! Those colors are so pretty together!

  12. You look gorgeous! I'm gonna make it a goal to keep my outfits colorful during the fall too!


  13. I can't tell if I like that dress more or your shoes! How about both?! You look stunning, babe. I love the vibrant colors; perfect for summer. <3 xo, sharon

  14. This is such a cute look! Usually by this time of year I'm ready for fall, but this year I'm all about soaking up the last bits of summer while I can!

    The Blush Blonde

  15. Had a blast this weekend! Can we go back?!

    How 2 Wear It []

  16. This dress is so colorful and such a happy piece for fall!! Also, love those shoes!
    Amy | Pastel N Pink

  17. You look amazing! It's so you and you pull it off so well! Everything from TBS looked like so much fun!
    Shaguna | gold&hearts

  18. Adorable dress. Love how it's colorful and ready for the fall!

  19. I am SO with you on dreading the dark colors of fall when summer comes to an end. I love love love bright colors too -- this dress is the perfect blend of summer and fall for that reason! Looks great on you :)
    Danika |


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