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August 3, 2015

Portland Photo Shoot.

Can you spot one of my photographers in the background?

Dress: Gabe's {A steal at only $16! Similar here} // Shoes: Nine West // Clutch: {Bought on vacation} // Bracelet: c/o Stella & Dot // Nails: Maybelline ColorShow the Nudes in Bare Beige {Limited edition, Similar here} // Lips: Essence XXXL Shine Lip Gloss in Pretty in Hibiscus

     How amazing is this beautiful dress, and can you believe that I was able to find it for only $16?! What a steal! The beautiful colors, delicate material, and fun embellishments would make it the perfect choice to wear to any sort of summer formal event: a wedding, banquet, formal dinner or party, etc! I am a firm believer that when you get invited to any sort of formal event, it's the perfect chance to really dress up! Because of the colors and light fabric of this dress, with a different pair of shoes and hairstyle it could go from a day dress to a night dress in just a few easy steps- making it perfect for all summer formal events. I (sadly) didn't get to attend any weddings this summer, but I instead wore this dress for the formal banquet for my conference internship back in May in Louisville, KY! I have linked several similar summer formal dresses below!

     This the mood and location of this fun photoshoot was definitely a little out of my normal comfort zone for blog photos- but I had so much fun doing it! These photos were taken in Portland, which is Maine's largest city. I shot one other outfit on that afternoon, and I'll share those photos soon! The coolest part about these photos is that my photographers were two very old friends of mine. Back when I was young, I used to be a competitive figure skater! (This fun fact can actually be found on my About page here on the blog! :-) ) Anyways, even though I stopped skating years ago after an injury, my old friends Morgan and Julia had both continued skating. They both graduated high school this year, and are such accomplished figure skaters now! They are also both interested in pursuing photography, so I was so excited to do some blog photos with them. It was such a fun way to reconnect! We have definitely come a long way from the photo below:

Yours Truly is the Big Cupid in the middle....

    Check out Morgan's photography Instagram account @morgansewallphotography!

     Have a wonderful Monday!!


      xoxo Miss ALK


  1. I love this dress so much!
    It would've been perfect for the wedding I attended on Friday.
    You always look so stunning.

    xoxo, Jenny || Breakfast at Lillys

  2. Love that dress! I'm heading up to Biddeford this weekend to my cousins' beach house so I'm definitely hoping to take blog photos there!

  3. You look amazing! I love your hair & make up as well! You always have such beautiful shots!

  4. This dress is beyond gorgeous, as are you and these photos!

  5. Hahah I love your figure skating photo! And you look fabulous in your photos- I'm sure it was so fun working with old friends. I can't believe that your dress is so cheap! Thanks for sharing!

  6. You little model! You look like a boho goddess in this dress! And I am loving your makeup :)

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

  7. I love your adorable throw back figure skating photo. I also think you look stunning in these photos, it's great you have such talented friends you could work with (:

  8. I saw Portland and was hoping you were in Oregon! Love those photos and how you styled the dress!

  9. Gorgeous, love the pictures!!

    Carley @

  10. These photos are beautiful and I LOVE that picture of the three of you when you were younger! I used to ice skate, too! Not so seriously but I did do it for a little while.. I loved it :)
    The Fashionista's Diary

  11. love the dress..print is so amazing xo

  12. You look gorgeous!! Love the dress.

  13. This shoot may have been outside of your comfort zone, but it's honestly one of my favorite ones I've seen on your blog yet! Love the dress, and I cannot believe it was only $16. You look amazing!

    xo, Alicia |

  14. Love your dress.. It suits on you a lot!! Love all your photos!!

  15. I am absolutely loving your dress. I am also really loving the accessories you paired with it. You always have amazing style!

  16. So cool that you were able to reconnect with your old friends! The dress is so unique, I love it!

    Kayla |

  17. I love that dress! It's super cute!

  18. Those photos are so gorgeous, and that dress is a beautiful steal! I think that it's so cool that you were a figure skater, I've always wanted to try ice skating but I'm a klutz in skates - just can't do it. Loved this post! :)

  19. For $16 bucks, that is DEFINITELY a steal. You look awesome! And you were a figure skater??? I just wish I could skate without falling!

    Coming Up Roses

  20. You're literally perfection, wow.

  21. That dress is fab! I can't believe it is only $16!! Love your hair too :)

    If you have a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest :)

    Abby of Life in the Fash Lane

  22. Love these photos! That dress is gorgeous, and I absolutely love your hair!

  23. This dress is so beautiful! And I've always wanted to visit Portland. So fun! :) You are rocking this dress and what a great price for something so beautiful! Responding to your email soon girl!!


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