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May 21, 2015

Introducing: Southern Belle in the 'Bunk

     I am so excited to be introducing a brand new post series that I'll be sharing every Friday this summer here on the blog! I will definitely be sharing them every Friday that I am home here in Maine from now until I leave to study abroad (and the weeks that I'm home after my trip until I go back to Charlotte), and if I have enough time to get shoots in then I will hopefully have back-up posts scheduled for the four weeks that I am traveling abroad as well.

Easter Break 2015

     So to preface, even though I began blogging in high school (shout-out to my old blog Confessions of a Maine Teenager! #whataname), I didn't start Southern Belle in Training until the beginning of my freshman year of college, in September 2012. Starting this blog marked a lot of transitions for me: becoming a legal adult and turning 18 (in fact, my blogiversary is my birthday if you didn't know!), the switch from a focus on lifestyle and faith to fashion blogging, going from high school to college, and most importantly, my move from Maine to North Carolina. The last is the most important of all! So much of the content of my blog conveys my love for North Carolina and more specifically, the city of Charlotte. Not only have I now transferred to a college that's in Charlotte, but I'm also involved with The Charlotte Social, Charlotte's premiere blogging network, and several other southern/North Carolina based blogging networks and groups.

     But this summer, I'm home again, here in my little hometown of Maine. It's quite weird for me to be here for a whole summer to be honest. I do still have a couple good friends here, I enjoy my summer job, and I love living near the ocean again, but other then that it doesn't feel like there's much here for me. I can't explain it, but even though Charlotte is a city that I knew no one in a couple of years ago, it just feels like home now (read more about that in this post!).

     Yet whether I like it or not, I'm here and home for the summer, and that means that my blog is also here and home for the summer. Half of my blog's name reflects the NC side of me: the "Southern Belle" part of the name. But the other half of the name reflects my Maine roots, where I come from (the "in Training" part). This summer, I wanted to use my creative juices to come up with some sort of a special blog post series to celebrate Maine and where I came from, since this is most likely my last summer here as a full-time resident! (Even in the rare event I moved back to Maine after college, this is still my last summer here as a traditional undergrad living at home!)

     So a few nights ago, the perfect idea came to me! It began to formulate as I thought about how over the past few months, something that I have become really in-tune to when critiquing my own blog posts (and reading other fashion blogs) is the locations that bloggers use for photos. Yes- the clothing is a big part of it, but I also like to see fashion bloggers experimenting with taking their photos in beautiful places! Even when I don't have the time during the school year to be shooting all over the city I try and mix things up by taking my pictures at different pretty places around my campus. And when I do have the time on the weekends, all of Charlotte is my backdrop- the options are endless!

     Therefore the idea came to me that each Friday while I am home, I will do an outfit post shot at a different location in my town (or the neighboring town- more on that in a sec!), but have the focus on the post only be about half on my outfit, and half on the location. Yes, I have shot outfit posts at some different spots in my town before when I've been home on breaks, including at the beach. But I won't be picking spots I've already used. I'm going to be choosing very unique (yet still beautiful!) spots in town. The places that a tourist might not immediately be drawn to, but the places that I have memories at, or the places that make my town special. And in the post, I will share not only my outfit details, but why I picked the location that I'm shooting at! And I'll tell you about my memories in that location. And each week you'll learn more and more about my town, and hopefully through this more about me.

My favorite iPhone picture ever of one of our local beaches! Summer 2012

     So now- where is it in Maine that I am actually from?! (This is I suppose crucial for y'all to know for a series that is based around my town.) I realize to that I have never actually shared my hometown before on the blog!! Finally time to give away a big secret... :-)

     *Drumroll...* I am from the Kennebunk/Kennebunkport area of Southern Maine! These two cute, neighboring (and yes, they are two separate towns!), are located about 40 mins from both the New Hampshire border and also 40 mins from Portland, Maine's largest city.  They are both directly on the coast and each town has a few lovely beaches were are open to the public (which you can see one of Kennebunk's in the picture above!). Both towns are a huge tourist area, especially during the summer months.. The shop that I work in actually caters mostly to a tourist crowd! One notable attraction in the area is that the first former President Bush has one of his summer homes in Kennebunkport.

     Three interesting facts about the Kennebunks: one is that a church in downtown Kennebunk (as well as other locations around both towns) were the location for Taylor Swift's 2010 music video "Mine!" She filmed it right where I'm from. My dad actually drove me by where the filming was happening one day and we got to see her from a distance! This was back when she had her beautiful signature curly hair... I miss those days!

Taylor Swift preparing for filming - August 2010.

    Second interesting fact, during my freshman year of college (right around the time I started this blog!) my town made national news for a very disturbing scandal involving prostitution and a zumba studio... you can read more about that from here from an article by Vanity Fair!

     Third interesting fact: Kennebunkport hosts an annual pre-Christmas celebration during the first two weekends in December called Christmas Prelude. All of the stores get completely decked out, there is Christmas caroling, Christmas treats galore, and a festive town tree lighting. Our celebration makes national rankings for best small town Christmas celebrations!! I am always so sad that due to final exams I can never make it for the first weekend of Prelude anymore, but the past two years I've been able to work the second weekend of it at my job!

Fireworks going off during Christmas Prelude 2013

    So that is a little taste of my town! The first post for "Southern Belle in the 'Bunk" will be up tomorrow! It features an outfit that I packed for my internship to Louisville last week but didn't have time to shoot for while there. I can't wait to show y'all the spot that I ended up shooting at here in Kennebunk- it's just beautiful!

     I have big hopes and plans for this summer series and hope you'll all follow along!

     xoxo Miss ALK


  1. This seems like such a fun blog series- I'm excited for your future posts! Thanks for sharing a little more about yourself/where you're from! Seems like an adorable little town :)


  2. Ohhh I love love love this idea! I can't wait to see how it goes and see all the fun locations you choose! :)

  3. I love this series idea! I can't wait to read the next installment, very nice work! :)

    xx | Steph @

  4. Super cute idea for a series. I love that you are going to share bits and pieces of your hometown and of course since I am a Taylor Swift fanatic I FREAKED out when I saw she was there in 2010. I would have hyperventilated just knowing she was jaunting around my hometown!

  5. I've been to Kennebunkport and it's beautiful. I'd love to go back someday. :)

  6. This is a new kind of blog series I've heard. Summer should come early so that I start reading

  7. So excited for your new series! :)

  8. I really think I was meant to be raised in a little town! Yours look so quaint! I can't wait to read more during your summer at home!

  9. I have always had a strange love for Maine...maybe because Stephen King is from there.
    But yes, I want to visit there so bad and I can't wait to read your posts showcasing different bits and pieces that you love about your hometown.

    xoxo, Jenny || Breakfast at Lillys

  10. I am so excited for this series! I love how it'll help us get to know you more! Love you, beauty!

    Lauren Ashley

  11. Once - this is not a lie! - I saw Taylor Swift at a rest stop near her hometown. It was insane. No one even really acknowledged her, but it was pretty deserted and I saw her from too far to shout out. But it was definitely her haha. Love this series!

    Ohio Stripes

  12. That's actually such an incredible idea. It's good because you get to challenge yourself to find new places & then we kind of get to explore with you! :]

    // ▲ ▲

  13. What a good idea!! Looking forward to the series :)

    Kay | Fashionably Kay

  14. Can't wait to follow this series! Hope you're enjoying your time in your hometown :)

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

  15. Aww, this sounds like such a fun series for the summer! I will definitely be following along. <3

  16. I can't wait to see more of your little town, it looks adorable!

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista


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