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May 14, 2015

Dress like it's...2012.

Dress: Marshall's {Old, Similar here} || Shoes: TJ Maxx {Similar here} || Earrings: Forever 21 || Necklace: {Gift} || Bracelet: Express || Lips: Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter in Cotton Candy

      This is an outfit that I wore to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory during my last night in Charlotte for my junior year! So crazy to think that this was just a couple of weeks ago: since then I have moved out of school (with my dad's help :-) ), road-tripped with home across the East Coast back to Maine, as a part of that trip stopped for a day trip in Virginia for a fun photoshoot with my friend Meredith (which y'all will be hearing more about next week!), spent a whirlwind evening in New York City, then had a very busy weekend at home in Maine before leaving for my internship in Kentucky. As y'all are reading this post I'm currently here in Kentucky! 

     I titled this post "Dress like it's...2012," partly because this dress was my high school graduation party dress (Class of 2012 represent!), and partly I because I feel like this outfit was much more of my high school style! As far as jewelry goes, back in high school I preferred wearing big earrings paired with a delicate necklace. I had a variety of small pendants that I used to swap out on a daily basis (my favorite was a Tiffany and Co. pendant that was a gift from my aunt and uncle in New York), and I liked to pair all of my little necklaces with dangling earrings. The earrings that I'm wearing here were a favorite of mine in high school! I also was not nearly as good as doing my hair back then as I am now, so I wore it up a lot more than I do now.

     My style has definitely changed since then, especially in relation to jewelry! I wear a lot more smaller earrings now, and have gotten really into the statement necklace trend. When I do wear large earrings I often make them the only jewelry piece that I am wearing (minus rings or dainty bracelets). And let's at least be thankful that by my senior year of high school my Hollister and Abercrombie t-shirt phase was over... (Please tell me I wasn't alone! ;-) )

High school graduation party, June 2012
My sweet friend Caroline! She has been on the blog before. And I'm excited to announce that she will be my suitemate next year!!

     Since my dress is old (obviously!! Haha) I have instead linked up some similar but equally cute dresses below! 

     Stay tuned for lots of posts next week including pictures from my photoshoot with Meredith and all of the details about my time here in Kentucky!

     xoxo Miss ALK


  1. Aww this dress is too cute on you!
    I like seeing posts like these.
    So fun.

    xoxo, Jenny || Breakfast at Lillys

  2. This dress looks beautiful on you! Plus, your makeup looks amazing! xo

  3. You're so cute, I love the throw back! Although this totally makes me feel old because I graduated undergrad is 2012, ha! Have fun on your continued whirlwind.

    Southern Belle Secrets

  4. I'm class of 2012 too! Except it was for college and not high school, but still. I love this little throwback. It's so fun to find outfits and pieces that we can remix and wear again.

  5. Isn't it crazy how fashion circles back around?! The fact that you graduated high school in 2012 makes me feel so old! Regardless, you look great!

    Thanks for sharing!

    - A Peachy Sonder

  6. Such a cutie! I must say you look even better in it the second go round!!

  7. You and Caroline look adorable! I continue to clean out my closet at my mom's house, and I think my A&F tee shirts multiply or something. Every time I think I've cleared them all out, they pop back up. Hope you had a blast in Kentucky this week!

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

  8. This dress was definitely adorable on you today and back then! I love taking a peek back into people's past through pictures!

  9. This color is GORGEOUS on you. I absolutely love it!!

  10. So cute to see the picture of you in the dress then and now. I have a few dresses from high school that I definitely wear differently now but still love all the same. So cute!

  11. I love how you showed how to wear clothes from several years ago! It's just as cute now, and I bet it's super comfy :)

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista


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