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March 2, 2015

Link-Up: 2015 NPC Badge Day!

     Today is a very special day for all Panhellenic sorority women! It is the annual International Badge Day, sponsored by the National Panhellenic Conference (which is the governing board for all 26 Panhellenic sororities). This is the day when all current sorority members and alumnae are encouraged to wear their sorority pins and pin attire (or in some cases sorority letters), and to take some time to be reflect on what their sorority means to them!

     Last year NPC Badge Day fell during my school's Spring Break. I wore my pin on the day of it, but I didn't have any sisters to share the day with! This year however Spring Break is a bit later, so all of the sororities at my campus are participating in NPC Badge Day. To make things even more fun, I created a little blog link-up for some fellow sorority bloggers to share some sorority chapter and pin attire inspired outfits in honor of NPC Badge Day! If you're a Panhellenic sorority member and a blogger and would still like to participate, below is the special blog button for the link-up (and further down you can actually "link-up" to the link-up!).

Southern Belle in Training

     Here is the outfit that I wore to this week's chapter meeting (with my pin!):


Dress: Talbots || Shirt: TJ Maxx || Boots: Tory Burch || Earrings: J. Crew Factory || Necklace: Talbots || Ring: HJ Greek || Lips: Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Temptress || And also wearing the pin of Alpha Delta Pi :-) <>

      So these pictures were taken in my chapter's lodge! (As you could probably guess by the large letters on the wall...) My school does not have Greek houses or any sort of Greek housing... all Greek members just live in normal on-campus housing (or off-campus if they're commuters or upperclassmen). Instead, we have lodges where we hold chapter meetings, workshops, and other events! For example, last weekend we had a mixer event with games and food with one of the fraternities down here in our lodge. The official colors of Alpha Delta Pi are azure blue and white, our sorority symbols are the diamond and violets, and our mascot is Alphie the Lion. I think our lodge does a great job at representing everything that makes ADPi so special! 

      ADPi is strict about making sure that all members wear "pin attire" for chapter meetings each week, and I'm glad that we do that! Pin attire is like a special type of business casual attire. Sorority members dress this way each week for meetings in order to show respect to each other, and to our sorority ritual! As someone who loves dressing up, I always look forward to chapter each week. We happen to hold our weekly meetings on Sunday nights, and since I am someone who tends to dress up for church, I often just keep my church clothes on all day and make them work for chapter as well (by adding my pin before the meeting!). 

     In order to show you one more example of what ADPi pin attire looks like, here is me with some of my sisters after our latest chapter meeting!! 

Myself, Jamilynne (Our chapter's wonderful Scholarship chair), and Jess (My amazing Big! Who also took all of these photos of my outfit!!)

     Doesn't everyone look great?! This is a perfect example of how pin attire doesn't have to be boring. Look at all of the fun colors and patterns represented in these pictures! (Plus everyone is still in winter clothes- y'all should see the fun things my sisters wear during warmer months!) 

     Now that you have seen how ADPi does pin attire, take a look at how some other Panhellenic sorority women rock their pins! 

     xoxo Miss ALK


  1. Super cute! It's amazing that your sorority means so much to you-greek life isn't for me,but I have several friends who have sororities have changed their life-glad you can be a part of that(: Adorable outfit as well,loveeee that dress!

  2. You & your sisters look like you're having so much fun, and how special it is to have an entire group of girls that means so much to you :)

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  3. This is such a fun idea for a link up! Makes me miss my college days!



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