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March 31, 2015

A Day Behind the Camera.

     Being a fashion blogger, I would say that I am fairly comfortable being in front of the camera. I enjoy trying new poses and experimenting with different settings for having my blog pictures taken in! But last week, I was offered a really fun opportunity to try being behind the camera for an afternoon, so of course I could not turn it down!

     This semester in school I am taking a photojournalism class that counts towards my major. It came at a perfect time in my college career, as I just received my beautiful new DSLR camera this past Christmas! So this class has been the perfect chance to get more comfortable with my camera through practice with the assignments.

     My photojournalism teacher had been happy with how I had done on some recent assignments, and she asked me if I would be interested in volunteering outside of class for a special event! In addition to teaching photojournalism at my college, and having a photography business, my teacher is also the president of the Charity League of Charlotte, a renowned women's organization in the community that does much philanthropic work for Greater Charlotte. One of their largest annual fundraisers is a fashion show and silent auction event, held at a golf course in a more suburban neighborhood in Charlotte. She asked if I would be interested in photographing the event. Of course I said yes! What a great opportunity to practice my skills, and I knew I couldn't say no when I found out that fashion was involved. :-)

     Since the event was at a fancy golf club, I got to dress up for the event which made it even more fun! The first part of the afternoon was the silent auction and luncheon. I circled the rooms in which the auction was taking place in, and tried to get some shots of the ballroom starting to fill up with luncheon guests as well, and also a few pictures of the fashion show models getting ready!

     I was so honored and surprised that the Charity League gave me a seat at a table during the luncheon! The ladies at my table were all so sweet, and I really enjoyed chatting with them during the beginning part of lunch! I especially enjoyed meeting Olivia Fortson, who is the fashion editor for the Charlotte Observer (Charlotte's major newspaper).

     Next it was time for the fashion show, and time for me to really get to work! The children's fashions were from the Vineyard Vines store at SouthPark Mall in Charlotte, and the women's outfits were from Talbots- two wonderful preppy brands!

     These are just a few of the many beautiful outfits that were modeled! All of the models did a fantastic job, as did the emcee, who was Natalie Pasquarella, a news anchor for a Charlotte television station!

     Below is a picture of my favorite children's outfits from the fashion show. In these cute little Vineyard Vines outfits don't these two look just like a mini Blair and Chuck from Gossip Girl?! (She even has a headband!)

     Thank-you again to my photojournalism teacher for trusting in my photography abilities and allowing me to photograph this fun event!! It was such a fun afternoon to be behind the camera. :-)

     Fellow fashion bloggers: do you ever step behind your cameras and take pictures of others or at events?

     xoxo Miss ALK


  1. This sounds like fun! I'm sure it will give you a fresh perspective when taking photos for your blog. I take all the photos that I'm not in for my blog just because I love taking pictures (and I'm a bit of a control freak).

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls

  2. That's such a great opportunity!! I'm also in a photojournalism class right now, it's required for my major as well. It's so interesting learning how to take pictures, and really helps while blogging!
    xo, claudia

  3. Those kids do look like a mini Chuck and Blair! That seems like such a fun opportunity!


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