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November 13, 2014

November Goals.

      One thing that I just love about the South is that my favorite season comes early, and my least favorite season comes much later! But I suppose fall cannot be all bad when the beautiful trees on my college campus look like this... :-) (Although secretly I am still counting down the days until spring!)

     Let's take a look back at what my goals were for the month of October, and how I did on them:

      1. Start trying more new beauty products again. Check! Read my October Beauty Favorites blog post here. And I'm already excited for November's favorites post!
      2. Actually celebrate Halloween this year. Fail...ish. When I wrote this as I goal, I meant buy a costume and go out with college friends on Halloween night. That didn't happen! I had a quiet night of going to Ulta, buying groceries, and then working on crafts for my Little since Big/Little crafts were due for ADPi the week after Halloween. But the afternoon of Halloween at my internship we hosted a Halloween carnival, and I did dress up for that! I was a crazy bunny lady (instead of the traditional crazy cat lady). And I ended up wearing that costume to Ulta and the grocery store... so if that counts for celebrating...
      3. Do a good job on my Little's crafts. Check! I think. ;-) Crafting is something that doesn't come easily to me, and it takes me a really long time to work on a craft project, so being honest I didn't get as much done for Julie as I hoped because I spent a ton of time working on the items that I did give her! But I am really pleased at how what I did make turned out! I will do a couple blog posts on this soon! (Including a tutorial for one of my crafts!)
      4. Make a LinkedIn profile. Check! Although I am still very much figuring out how to use it... I will probably finish filling it in over Christmas break. I have already connected with some blogging friends on there too which is great!

      And my goals for this second to last month in 2014:

      1. Have my biggest and best Black Friday experience yet! I am spending Thankgiving Break this year on campus. This year I only have a few final exams, and instead I have a lot of final projects and papers, many of which are due directly after Thanksgiving, instead of during actual exams week. I knew that if I went home to Maine (or even to a friend's house here in NC) I wouldn't get enough work done, so it just made sense for me to sadly stay on campus during break. But the good part about this is that I get to spend my second favorite day of the year, BLACK FRIDAY, in Charlotte!! Charlotte has four malls and a brand new outlet mall that just opened, and I would like to hit at least two of the malls and the outlets! I have been Black Friday shopping every year since I was 13 and I am obsessed to say the least. I will post more about this as it gets closer, but this will be the highlight of my busy Thanksgiving Break for sure!
      2.  Get my oil changed before Christmas Break begins. Technically I could do this in early December as well... but it would be great to do it in November! I haven't had an oil change in my car since summer and this is just something that I keep forgetting to do. I was supposed to get one in October but haven't really been outside of Charlotte in awhile (or had time to go on any long drives) so I keep forgetting to.
      3. Try to get A's or A-'s on both of my presentations that are next week. Next week I have oral projects to present in two of my communications classes. My goal is to get an A or A- (my college doesn't allow for A+'s on our grading scale) on both of them!
      4. Figure out affordable (but meaningful) Christmas presents for my college friends. I am a big Christmas gift-giver. I have a general idea of what I want to get for my girlfriends back home in Maine, and I also know what I am getting for my Little and for my roommate. But I am completely boggled as to what to get for the rest of my college friends! I don't have the type of finances to get everyone big gifts, but I still want to get everyone a little something. Normally I would try and craft everyone something, but I am a little bit "crafted out" since I was a Big in my sorority this semester, and also with my demanding class schedule that I have have currently I don't have much extra time to be crafting for everyone that I know. So it will probably have to be something purchased. I will keep y'all posted on what I end up doing! I like to get Christmas gifts in advance (usually Black Friday at the latest!).

     Do you have an goals for this month? Are you a Black Friday shopper?

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     xoxo Miss ALK


  1. My Halloween was spent working followed by watching movies at a friend's house. This black friday I will be working too (say a prayer for me!), but hopefully I will be able to get off at a decent hour to enjoy a little shopping too!

    Pick Your Beau

  2. Love these so much!! I am also trying to think of gift ideas. I need to plan that all out! Also, BLACK FRIDAY. Whoop, whoop! That's so cool that you'll be in Charlotte! :) I hope it is very fun and very productive in many ways!


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