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December 9, 2013


     I am currently in the middle of final exams, so blog posts maybe be a bit scarce this week. But I couldn't wait until finals were done to share some exciting "blog housekeeping" related news!

     You may have noticed (or seen my Instagram post) that the URL for this lil' blog of mine has changed! Instead of you can now find Southern Belle in Training at Yes- I finally went and bought out my own domain! This has been a very long time coming, and I'm so happy that I finally did it.

      I hestitated on making the blog's URL "southern belle in training" for awhile because having it as "missalk1994" was shorter and gave me the freedom to change my blog's name if needed and not have the URL affected. But, things have gotten to the point where I've spent so much time trying to build up this blog (and I love it so much!) that I don't see a name change coming anytime soon. Southern Belle in Training is here and here to stay! And now it has an official domain to prove that. ;-)

     Happy Monday!

     xoxo Miss ALK


  1. can you please make a post on how you went about doing this? and also Congratulations :)

  2. Congrats!! Very happy for you! (:

  3. Congrats, my dear friend! I'm done with finals so I will send you an email very soon!! Good luck with all you have to do!

    xo, gina


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