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September 17, 2012

My life on this Monday.

     The past couple weeks have been so crazy and busy for me, and I apologize for not posting more! I have wanted to do some fashion posts but right around the time that I started this new blog my old camera broke. It was just a basic Kodak digital camera, and I'd had it for six or so years, so it lived a good and long life in camera years. :-) However no camera meant that it was difficult to take pictures of my outfits! But fear not, outfit posts will be appearing soon because my sweet parents bought me a new digital camera for my birthday! It's a little Canon and much nicer than my old camera... all that's left to do is to figure out how to use it. :-)

     I've also had a ton of homework lately. This week I have a paper, presentation and huge test... along with other smaller homework assignments and readings and textbooks. I'm stressed to the max right now and also trying to fight homesickness. For the first few weeks of being at school I was so excited to be settling into my new home that I barely had time to miss my old one. But after my birthday it really started to hit me how far away I am from my friends and family back home. I try to cure homesickness by staying busy and involved at school (like joining different clubs and going to activities), and also by skyping with my closest friends back home. If any of y'all have great cures or ways to beat homesickness- do share! I'm always open to new ideas. :-)

     And things are getting finalized for my first give-away with this new blog! I do have some fabulous sponsors lined up, but if you have an Etsy shop or know of someone who does, please pass on the info that I'm looking for a few more sponsors for a fun fall give-away to host within the next couple weeks!

   I leave you with a few songs that I've been enjoying lately. For those of you that are new to this blog, you'll quickly learn that I have varried music tastes. My all-time favorite music is 90s/early 2000s pop (such as Britney Spears's old music and the Backstreet Boys!) but I also enjoy some light rock, dance-pop, country and Christian music.

Dido-Here With Me, Keith Urban-For You, Little Big Town-Pontoon, and Conor Maynard-Vegas Girl.


xoxo Miss ALK


  1. Hey girl! Glad to see you got around to blogging. :) What kind of Cannon do you have? I've had cannon's all my life so if you need some help, just give me a shout! :)

    Good luck on all of your tests and assignments this week. I am sure you'll do great!! The first exams of the semester are always the most stressful, because you're learning what to expect. It gets better after that. I've been stressed to the max, too, but things are slowly reaching a plateau (of course, I have about two more weeks before exams start rolling out en mass. I'll tell you how I'm doing after that :P ).

    It was great to Skype with you, I hope we both have the time to do it again sometime soon <3. I wish I had some homesickness tips to give you! :( Try to keep yourself busy and inolved, I know that helps a ton.

    I cannot wait to see your fashion posts! :) Looking forward to it!!

    ~ Katie

  2. Hey I have a canon and I love it. It's a canon elph 300 HS and it works great for being a point and shoot. :)

    And I'm scared of getting homesick once I go to college next year. I get homesick really bad...

  3. I was seriously petrified about going away to college because I got homesick so easily! For me talking and staying connected with my friends and family back home was only part of getting over it - the other part was learning to really love my new life. Finding special friends I could connect with, favorite restaurants and activities in the area, and a church I loved. The funny thing is that I remember leaving to go home for the summer after my first year and crying because I didn't know how I was going to make it through the summer!


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