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June 21, 2023

National Wear Your Lilly Day 2023.

       Lilly Pulitzer lovers unite! Today is National Wear Your Lilly Day, aka the first day of summer. I've been sharing my favorite Lilly outfits for NWYLD on the blog for many years, but this is the first year that I have a special guest in my photos! 😀

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      Last month, I had the chance to do a sponsored Instagram collaboration with a Connecticut-based Lilly Pulitzer signature store, Splash of Pink. It was an honor to work with them and share about the new Lilly Pulitzer x Southern Tide collection! I was so thrilled when Ryan said yes to being in these photos with me. My blog has always been "my" thing for the past decade, and I would never want Ryan (or anyone in my life!) to feel like they *have* to be part of sponsored opportunities that I get on here or Instagram. But he was totally down to be in these photos to support me in this fun opportunity, and it made me so happy. 

      These shorts and polo are the first Lilly items Ryan has ever owned! He's not usually a bold pattern guy for fashion, but I think he looks great in them. Since we live in a coastal vacation destination, I feel like he will get a decent amount of use out of these shorts in the summer months. And I just adore this dress! The style is called the Ezralyn, and it's stunning. A little too formal for everyday wear I think, but so perfect for any summer dates nights or nice girls' nights out, or weddings and other semi-formal events! A dress I'll treasure to have in my closet for many years to come. Both Ryan's Lilly Pultizer x Southern Tide pieces and my dress all ran true to size. 

     I've been a Lilly Pulitzer fan for over a decade and have enjoyed sharing many years of my National Wear Your Lilly Day outfits on my blog! I skipped last year since I was taking a blogging hiatus last summer, but you can check out other posts from years past here:

      God Bless,

      xoxo Annaliese


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  1. You guys look great together! I love this print and had not seen it before.


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