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April 5, 2023

{Monthly} Midweek Ramblings

March 2023:

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Highs of the Month:
  • The most wonderful long weekend trip to Orlando, FL with Ryan! Not only was this an early 30th birthday celebration for Ryan, but it ended up being our first time ever flying and traveling together (since we've had several travel plans cancelled in the past year). It was well worth the wait for this perfect getaway! 
  • Having a complimentary session with Christian life coach Alexandra Kaval of Grace Space Christian Coaching. Alexandra reached out to me after finding my blog to see if I'd like to do a complimentary session (she works regularly with a bunch of other lifestyle influencers). Where counseling is more past/trauma focused, coaching is more future focused. The timing of talking to Alexandra couldn't have been more perfect, as I'd been working through some anxious feelings about an upcoming life choice / decision. Our session was such a blessing, and I left it feeling much more peace and confidence about what's coming up later this year regarding this decision! I highly recommend checking out Grace Space Christian Coaching if this sounds like something that would be beneficial in your life. Alexandra can do sessions virtually, so location is not a barrier to meet with her! 
  • Making significant progress with my hip pain!! My bursitis isn't gone yet but is so much more under control and on the road to recovery than it was in February. The partial tear in my hip is healing as well! March was a big month: I finally saw an orthopedic doctor, started on a new prescription that actually helped the bursitis pain, and I began physical therapy twice a week! PT has been hard work but I can vividly notice how much less pain I am in.

Lows of the Month:
  • Finding out something unexpected and unsettling health-wise (not related to my hip issues) at a doctor's appointment and learning I will need at least one further screening. This came very out of left field, and although I know things will probably be fine and the next course of action is probably just a precaution.... if something actually is wrong it could be very scary for me. I know I'm being vague right now and I promise to share more in time! But being honest... I have never experienced health related anxiety like I did in that moment at the doctor's office in my entire life. 10/10 don't recommend. 
  • Having too many appointments in the month of March! Too much adulting for one month. In addition to the orthopedic appointment and starting physical therapy for my hip, I had my annual physical, annual gynecologist appointment, car inspection and my tax appointment. Each week this month held multiple appointments and while it was productive, it was just a lot!
  • Owing more on my taxes this year than I ever have before. I have owed every year since 2017 thanks to blogging income, so I always do expect to owe some money. But this year I owed 3x more than I have in the past few years. That had nothing to do with blogging income specifically (I made similar amounts from my blog in 2021 and 2022), but due to the fact that 2022 was my first full year at my Virginia Beach job, and thanks to higher income of this job I went up a tax bracket. Thankfully I'm great about setting aside blogging money for taxes so I was able to pay it in full, but WOOF it was a lot of money!

March Weekend Recaps:
  • 3rd-5th - A fairly low-key weekend at home, but it was exciting because this was the first weekend that I was on my new medication for my hip bursitis. Itt was the least amount of pain that I'd been experiencing since weekends back in January! Ryan and I were able to take a short beach walk at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront on Saturday, and we also went plant shopping for him after (he got a plant for his home office). Sunday, I watched church from home, and then went for another little beach walk. I ended the day by watching a Hallmark movie called Wedding at Graceland. I loved that it was set in Memphis since I went to Memphis for work last fall! 
  • 10th-12th - Ryan and I went to Florida for the long weekend! And it was wonderful. 😊🌴You can read about some of the activities we did here and some of the best restaurants we ate at here
  • 17th-19th - This was a very busy but very fun weekend at home. (My favorite type of weekend!) On Friday night, Ryan and I tried a new-to-us restaurant for dinner and met up with two Charlottesville friends of mine that were visiting Virginia Beach for the weekend. Saturday was a special day! My friend Emily got engaged Saturday morning to her fiancé Luke, and Ryan and I got to be part of their surprise proposal party. It was so much fun to celebrate their love and meeting some of their families and other friends! On Saturday night, Ryan and I went out to dinner with his parents for an early 30th birthday dinner for him. On Sunday I went to church, and then I hosted my friend Bea over for tea at my apartment that afternoon! 
  • 24th-26th - Friday was a busy day as I had PT in the afternoon, and then went to dinner with Ryan and his best friend (who was visiting from out-of-state for Ryan's birthday!). On Saturday, I left for Texas for my best friend Ciera's wedding celebration! My first flight didn't leave until the afternoon, so I went to Chick-fil-a for lunch first with my friend Amanda. I finally made it to Texas really late on Saturday! On Sunday, I visited Ciera's church with her fiancé and family, and then we all spent the rest of the day together at an Airbnb that her family rented. On Monday, Ciera and Patrick had their formal wedding portraits in their wedding outfits (they did a private courthouse ceremony the Friday prior), and then their reception was an intimate dinner at an Italian restaurant in The Woodlands area of Houston that night. Biggest congratulations to these two!! A wedding is always a good reason for a long weekend from work.

March Purchases: 
  • I love the Lands' End x Draper James bathing suit collaboration that's been going on for the past few summer seasons! Some of last season's swimwear was on major sale this month before the new collection comes out. I picked up this adorable bikini top and bottoms and I'm so excited to wear them this summer. 
  • Two of my favorite pairs of jeans got holes in them this month and were beyond the point of repair. I picked up this new pair of jeans and I'm loving them! They aren't quite skinny jeans but aren't quite straight leg either. Like a more modern take on skinny jeans for us millennials trying to be more trendy! 
  • I found this navy floral peplum top on a clearance rack in my size and couldn't say no. The perfect spring date night or girls night top! 
  • When we were in Florida, I found a gorgeous aquamarine Kate Spade crossbody bag gently used at a consigment shop for under $50! (This style is very similar!)
  • I also found a gorgeous gently used white Lilly Pulitzer shift dress for a great price while in Florida! I had to scoop it up. The style is a couple years old but this style is somewhat similar. 
  • I have a good amount of leggings but was in desperate need for a while of a new plain black pair. I got these this month and I've been very impressed by how comfy and supportive they are! At full price they are under $50, and they're often on sale 

March Blog Posts:

      God Bless,

       xoxo Annaliese


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  1. Best wishes for your health!! Not fun, but so important to find out what you can.


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