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January 14, 2022

6 Months of Life in Virginia Beach: Update!

      Today marks six months since I moved to Virginia Beach! I wrote a pretty lengthy post-move update at the three month mark back in October. Today's post definitely won't be quite as long, but I am still excited to share a recap of the first half-year I've spent living and working in Hampton Roads!

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     Quick side note about these photos- I took them myself with my new iPhone and a tripod. In the past I haven't shared a lot of tripod photos on the blog, but I liked these! I also wanted to highlight the Vera Bradley fleece pullover I'm wearing- it is 100% the comfiest and softest fleece that I've ever owned. It's super lightweight while also being warm. I highly recommend! It comes in a few other patterns as well. 

     Today marks six months exactly since I moved to Virginia Beach for my new job! While the first couple months in Virginia Beach seemed to go by slowly, since September/October life has been moving along really fast. Early fall is also about the same time that I started feeling really settled here, and this started to feel like home and less like a place I was living for an extended vacation from Charlottesville. 

     I am still really loving it here!! I am glad I moved in the summer and got to enjoy a lot of the warm season at the beach in 2021. While spring and summer are definitely my favorite months (I can't wait for my first spring here!), winter hasn't been as bad so far as I've expected. Hampton Roads has missed just about all the winter storms that have hit other areas in Virginia. No complaints from me about that! December was a weirdly warm month with several 70+ degree days. I spent a lot of the month outdoors and went on many beach walks! The Oceanfront area (the tourist area of VB with all the hotels) is also great to visit in the winter, since it isn't overwhelmed with visitors. It's actually quite quiet and calm in the off-season, and a nice break from the fast-pace of summer (I want to be outside doing all the things when the weather is nice!).

     One unexpected thing I discovered near the end of 2021 was how many fun and unique holiday events there are down there! I had a blast checking out many of them in November and December. I found a few that I hope to make annual traditions, and there were also some I didn't have time to check out this year, that I'm looking forward to doing next year. 

     I've been so lucky to meet some wonderful friends in the first six months here. Making friends when you're new somewhere I think is 50% the effort that you're putting into it, and also 50% luck. Kind of like dating?! It definitely helps your chances if you are putting in effort to meet likeminded people to be friends with, and putting yourself in places where you'd have a high chance of meeting and making friends. But with that said, part of making friends will always be luck and timing. And I feel very blessed that both of those things have seemed to be on my side here in Virginia Beach. (I am planning to write a separate post soon with more info about how I have found adult friends not just here, but also for my moves to Vermont and Charlottesville VA in past years!)

     Is Virginia Beach and the Hampton Roads area perfect? No. There are a handful of things that have been in other places I've lived that aren't here (like certain stores or restaurants). But overall, my expectations have been so exceeded with moving here! There is so much to do in the area- I feel like it's impossible to be bored here. Living near so much water again makes my heart so happy. And I am so proud of myself for taking the risk to leave Charlottesville, a small city that I was very comfortable and settled in, to try something new. 

     Here's to the rest of the first year!

      God Bless,

      xoxo Annaliese 


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