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November 16, 2016

Midweek Ramblings + Recent Purchases.

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  • Back to productivity: In last week's MR+RP post, I shared how I had been having a hard time being productive in a lot of areas in my life in recent weeks. I'm happy to report that in just a week's time, a lot has gotten better!! Isn't it funny how sometimes we can become accountable to ourselves after we write something on our blog?! Anyways, blogging is especially where my productivity has come through strong this week. On Monday of this week, I woke up several hours earlier than I needed to be awake so I could catch up on all of this week's posts and some emails. I think this might become a regular occurrence for me on Mondays, as I have that time off from work! 
  • A new editorial calendar strategy: Also along the lines of blogging and organization, I decided this week to try a new editorial calendar strategy, and so far it's working very well! For the past year, I used a separate agenda for blogging and would write everything down. That worked very well in college since I depended so heavily on my school agenda, but since my schedule is so different now, I wasn't finding this method to be working as well for me. This week I decided to start keeping track of blog posts and other editorial related things by using iCalendar. It's been working SO well! I set alerts on my phone and Macbook for posts that I have scheduled to work on, and other blog related tasks. I've already felt much more on top of things, and more accountable. I'll keep y'all updated on how this new calendar strategy continues to work for me.
  • Christmas tree decorating: As you can see in the photo above, my Christmas tree is up! My roommate and I each have our own tree in our living room, and they've been up with lights on since the day after Halloween. I want to get them all decorated this weekend though, as I have a blog post coming up soon where the photos will be done in my apartment. My tree decorating inspiration is from Emily of The Sweetest Thing- check out her Christmas tree post from last year, seriously this is Christmas goals! (And speaking of Emily- she shared some very big news on her blog this week in the most beautiful way ever, I almost cried reading the post!)

  • I received this nail polish in a beauty package which I reviewed a little bit in my Fall Blogger Beauty Gifts Review post, but I finally had a chance to try it out last week. OMG. Y'all. This nail polish is only $1.99, it's the ideal color for fall/winter, and it barely chipped all week. Talk about a win, win, WIN! 
  • I don't usually do too much personal shopping for myself in the weeks leading up to Black Friday (You know if you're a longtime SBIT readers that this is essentially my holy day! Haha.), but one thing that I have started doing is Christmas shopping!! I am about halfway done shopping for everyone on my list, which is a really good start for me this year. One thing though that I did treat myself to while out shopping was this cookbook. We sold it at the store that I used to work at back home in Maine for a few years, and I always wanted to buy it but never did. Speaking of cookbooks- stay tuned for Friday's blog post when I'll be sharing some of my favorite ones! 

     My question for y'all this week: do you have your Christmas tree or decorations up yet? 

     xoxo Miss ALK


  1. I love that you each have your own tree! How adorable! We don't have any up yet because my husband is a firm believer in separating them, but I'm going to start sneaking stuff out this weekend and go full blown next week!

  2. I just started using iCalendar as my editorial calendar and LOVE it! I love that I can see everything clearly, color code and move things around if plans change!


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