February 18, 2016

My Favorite Hair Products: Curl Enhancers + Hairsprays.

     Time for part three of my favorite hair care products series! Check out my post on shampoo and conditioner here, and the second post on dry shampoos and volume products here. Next week I'll be concluding this series by talking about hair products that I dislike and won't be repurchasing, so stay tuned for that as well!

     Before sharing today's items, which are my favorite curl enhancing products and hairsprays, I want to give a little bit of background on my hair. I had naturally pin straight hair up until the start of my freshman year of college (ironically around the same time that I started this blog!), when I decided to perm my hair on an impulse. The hairdresser told me that my newly wavy hair would only last for about six months.... instead it lasted two and a half years! Today my hair still isn't as naturally straight like it used to be, but most of the curls and waves are finally gone. For the years that the perm was still in tact, I tried tons of curl enhancing products to bring out my waves and make it look less frizzy. 

     These are my two favorite products from when my hair was more permed! One is a spray, and that is the Garnier Fructis De-Constructed Beach Wave Chic texturizing spray. You spray it and then scrunch it all over damp hair to enhance curls and waves. It has a nice fresh scent, and doesn't leave hair too "crunchy," which is a problem that I found with many other curl enhancing sprays and gels!

      My favorite curl enhancing gel product is the Herbal Essences Totally Twisted Curl Scrunching Gel. It has the most luscious berry scent- if you need any reason to buy it, buy it for the scent! If you scrunch this into your hair, it helps curls to be a little bit more defined than the Garnier Fructis spray. The spray is more of a wave enchancer, while this product holds curls better.

      Although my hair isn't as naturally wavy anymore, I still keep both products around because they also have a second use. They're both wonderful for using on my hair when I wear high ponytails or up-dos and need to keep fly-away hairs away! I just smooth a little bit of spray (or gel when I have a lot of fly-aways), and I'm good to go for several hours.

     Being honest, I don't wear hairspray very often. I think that hairsprays add a lot of weight and unnecessary product to hair, and I only wear it unless I absolutely need my hairstyle to last all day, or I'm going to be in a very humid or high movement situation (such as a night out on the town with friends- ha!). The L'Oreal Lock It Weather Control Hairspray is my favorite out of the ones that I've tried though. It has a bit of a strange odor which turned me off to it at first, but it's one of the least crunchy hairsprays on the market! It's a product that's easy to build up as needed, and affordably priced.

     A newer hairspray that I've been experimenting with on days when I spend more time curling my hair is the Big Sexy Hair What a Tease BackComb In A Bottle hairspray. This hairspray is extremely sticky and crunchy on hair that it touches, but it's supposed to only be used on small sections of hair that you're teasing. Despite having very thick hair that holds a curl or style well, the one thing that my hair will not do easily is tease! I can use all the extra help that I can get in the teasing department, so on days when I do attempt to tease I have been trying this product.

     I hope that you enjoyed part three of this series! You can always feel free to email me at rainbowflash94@yahoo.com if you have more questions about any products that I've featured in these posts, or about my own haircare routine. As always- these posts are not sponsored in any way, just me sharing some of my favorite hair products!

      I normally share outfit posts on my blog on Mondays and Fridays of each week, but I'll be taking tomorrow off from posting! This week has been very overwhelming for me with school, and I need a little extra time this week for my commitments outside of blogging. I am hoping to shoot lots more looks over the weekend though, and be sure to check out Monday's post if you haven't yet!

      xoxo Miss ALK


  1. I love using sea salt sprays to enhance my hair's natural wave. I'm thinking of figuring out a way to DIY this product, but for now, I'm loving the spray by bumble & bumble.

  2. My hair is impossible to curl, but I'll give these a try!

  3. your hair is always so beautiful so I bet these work so well!

  4. I love herbal essences, great review!

  5. I got a perm my senior year of high school and I swear it affected my hair for like two years! It's crazy!!

  6. I love the big sexy hair hairspray! It's so great for my flyaways!


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