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January 13, 2015

Belated Holiday Style.

Sweater: American Eagle Outfitters || Shirt: Talbots || Skirt: c/o Oasis || Boots: DSW || Tights + Socks: {old} || Purse: Target || Necklace: Charming Charlie || Bracelet: {Local boutique} || Lips: eos lip balm

     Finally getting to share my first outfit pictures taken on my new DSLR camera! Due to the fact that after Christmas Maine's weather turned frigid (as unfortunately expected), I actually had my mom snap these photos in the Maine Mall! (Yes- it's called The Maine Mall because where I am from there is only one mall! Haha!) The lighting actually wasn't terrible in there though, and I liked how there were still a few Christmas decorations up. 

     So typically I actually like to stick to traditional fashion rules. I am a dedicated no-whites after Labor Day girl (with the exception of certain winter whites of course!) for example. But in the case of this outfit, I feel like I was breaking a rule! To me, this outfit just screams "holiday style." The combo of the grey and wine colors, all of the sparkly bling, the layers...  however, I wore this outfit after both Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years! So that means Holiday style season was over. ;-) Maybe 2015 will be the year that I start breaking the rules in the fashion department?! 

      One note about my sweater- I have had this sweater since 10th grade! I used to be a big American Eagle Outfitters fan in early high school. I loved this sweater so much that my mom and I actually both had it, and then she gave me hers, so I had it in two colors! (This one might have actually originally been hers!) One of the nice things about being home for Christmas break was that I re-found some old high school clothes and realized I actually still liked them (like these sweaters!). I haven't liked the way that AEO's styles have gone in the past few years though so I don't shop there much anymore, except for jeans. Still adore their jeans! 

     Did you enjoy wearing holiday styles during the holiday season this year? Or after? ;-)

     On a different note, this week is my first week of school for my second semester of junior year! I have a crazy first week, but I'm really happy to be back in North Carolina and on some sort of a schedule again! I am most productive when I am living on a schedule. :-)

     xoxo Miss ALK



  1. Beautiful!! And there's no rules about wearing "holiday" colors after the holiday! This outfit is very cute and I love that your sweater is actually from 10th grade! What a find!

  2. You look flawless!!! I love the sweater!

    PS - email me tonight if you see this! ( I am going to be at the basketball game at your school tomorrow night and would love to sit with you if you planned on going as well! Let me know!

  3. So cute! That bag honestly ties it all together! #flawless :D

    Hope all is well, lovely!
    xx, Lizzy

  4. Girl you look beautiful! The outfit really brings out your beauty :] I especially love that cardigan!


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