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May 12, 2014

Start of Summer via Instagram.

     I can't believe that my last final exam was two weeks ago today! And on Thursday it'll mark two weeks since I've been home in Maine for the summer. I haven't been the most productive blogger since I came home, hence why I've only gotten one OOTD post up since I've been home (although that will be changing soon!). I thought that I'd start this new week in blogging off by showing y'all what I've been up to over these past couple weeks through my favorite form of social media: Instagram! As always, you can follow me on Instagram @miss_alk

     My dad and I got home from our drive from NC really late in the evening, so it was already dark out and too late for me to head to the beach. So the next day not even a cloudy sky or high tide could keep me from visiting my favorite place! Four months without the ocean is four months too long for this Maine girl! This is my favorite beach out of the four in my hometown. I can't wait for summer weather to get here so that my inner beach bum can come out!

     One thing that hasn't been going so well for me since I've been home is unpacking. Last year I did such a good job with it, but this year I seem to be drowning in boxes and suitcases- it's terrible!! As the days go by I'm slowly making progress. Last week I worked on unpacking my jewelry (mainly because I was going crazy without it!). I decided that I wanted to store the bracelets and watch that I wear the most apart from the rest of my "arm candy," so I decided to re-use this cute polka dot gift box that was in my closet and I turned it into a jewelry tray!! The box originally was from a pair of Victoria's Secret PINK pajamas.

     My mom and I did some errands "south of the border" in New Hampshire last week, and the restaurant that we stopped for lunch at had outdoor seating. Our table was under this gorgeous tree, and it was just so lovely that I had to take a picture! One of the perks of going to school in the South is that I get to experience my favorite season twice: I get one Spring in March/April, and then another round of it in May when I come home! Things are just started to bloom and blossom up here and I love it!


     Y'all, meet my second pair of Jack Rogers! Aren't they pretty?! :-) After getting my gold Jacks a few months ago, I honestly had no plans to buy another pair anytime soon! But a couple weeks ago, Neiman Marcus Last Call was having an amazing discount on Jack Rogers that I found out about from one of my sorority sisters. A lot of bloggers were also posting about it (including Ashliegh from The Darling Prepster!), so I figured that it couldn't hurt to look at which sandals were on sale. WRONG! I saw that many of the sandals on promotion had Vera Bradley inspired fabrics, and y'all know that I'm a huge Vera fan. When I saw these, I knew that I had to have them!! Java Blue was my all-time favorite Vera Bradley print- it's what I had my very first VB purse in (and sadly it's also been retired for a few years). So I quickly ordered these and didn't regret it!! After all- they match my favorite sorority sweatshirt! :-)

     Reunited with my sweet friend Shara! The last time I saw her was when she came to visit me in North Carolina a couple months ago. We had the most amazing time, but I'm so happy to be hanging out with her again in our home state!! And to be in close proximity to my favorite blog photographer for the whole summer. :-) Here's a preview of one of the OOTD posts that she shot for me, the full post will be up tomorrow:

     Today I am off to Boston for a fun day trip with one of my best friends from high school! And stay tuned tomorrow for more pictures from the OOTD shown above!

     xoxo Miss ALK


  1. Looks like a great start to summer already!

    Pick Your Beau

  2. Love that beach view! Can't wait to see the rest of your outfit photos

  3. Ahh, the beach!!! Java Blue was my favorite too!!


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