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October 28, 2012

Where I've been.

     ...I haven't been blogging lately because I was here. :-)

      The end of last week and the beginning of this past week was fall break at my college. I got to go home to Maine and it was my first trip back since I left for college in mid-August! I have acclamated better to college and Southern living better than I ever dreamed, but at the same time I was ready to see my parents, friends in Maine and of course the beautiful beach.

     I was only home for a few days so I took advantage of all the time that I had and tried to visit with as many friends and family as I could. I also made time to see the homecoming football game at my high school, do lots of errands, eat yummy home cooked meals as well as food from my favorite local restaurants... and see this girl pictured below.

     This beautiful girl, K, has been my friend for about 11 years now! I will do a different post soon all about our awesome friendship through the years. :-) It was lovely to spend an afternoon together enjoying the local beach. 

I have been inspired lately with some great ideas for more blog posts, but sadly you'll all have to bare with me a few weeks. These next couple weeks are the busiest for me this semester. 3 big papers, 2 presentations and 1 test! I probably won't be blogging much since every spare second that I have will have to be spent on homework. If y'all could all please pray that I'll be able to stay focused on my studies, well rested and use good time management that would be wonderful!

Many blessings to you all! If any of you have prayer requests for the next couple weeks please leave them in a comment on this post. <3

xoxo Miss ALK

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  1. This makes me want to go home NOW! I want to see those faces so badly!
    Good luck with your test and papers and presebtations. You can do it! Go!


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