September 28, 2016

Midweek Ramblings + Recent Purchases.

{A couple weeks ago at the City Lights Rooftop x Diet Coke End of Summer Bash. Follow me on Instagram + Snapchat @miss_alk!} 

  • Free Pinterest e-course: Starting off this week's Ramblings by getting real for a sec... I've seen extremely low page views on the blog this month, which has been really discouraging to me. I'm not really sure why this is, as I've still been posting regularly here on the blog and social media. But I know that I definitely want to bring my numbers back up for the rest of the year! One area of social media that I can definitely improve on is Pinterest. I love using it for things like recipes or to save articles that I enjoy reading, but I haven't always been the best at using it for my own bloc content. That's going to change! This weekend I went through and cleaned out a lot of my irrelevant boards, and I made some behind-the-scenes HTML changes as well. All of this was inspired by the information that I learned from my friend Jenny's new FREE Pinterest e-course launch! Jenny (from Breakfast at Lilly's blog) wrote an awesome 5-day email course that will be sent to your inbox 100% free of charge. There is so much useful information in this course. Definitely sign up for it if your Pinterest is also in need of a revamp, and while you're at it support Jenny as she prepares to launch her social media business Confetti Social
  • A unique clothing line: My funniest online article find of the week would be this one. A Swedish ad agency recently developed a clothing line with designs that feature some of the most well known (and tackiest) stock photos. I was laughing so hard looking at these clothing options... you just have to see this!
  • Charlotte in the news: As many of you know, Charlotte has made national attention over the past week for violent riots (and some peaceful protests) that began after an African American man was shot and killed by police last week. Many friends of mine from out-of-state or other parts of NC reached me over the weekend to check in on my safety, of which I was very grateful for! I currently live in a part of Charlotte that wasn't near any of the protests, but it was still unnerving to just be living in the same city where it was happening. Thankfully, the protests seem to be calming down now. The bottom line is that this is all around an extremely tragic situation, without casting judgement for either side. I pray that the city will find peace and understanding in the weeks, months and years to come! 
  • Product reviews: In the past few weeks, I've received a few PR gift packages from different haircare and beauty companies. I have so many new goodies that I've been trying out. Bloggers frequently receive gifted items, but other then featuring them on social media occasionally, I feel that these gifts often don't get featured on actual blogs. Would y'all be interested in seeing a big review round-up post of some of the items that I've recently received? Let me know in the comments!

  • In New York City a couple of weeks ago, I picked up this gorgeous top!! I'm obsessed with both the cut of it and the pretty pattern. 
  • Possibly one of my best bargains of all-time... I found a Lilly Pulitzer skort in my size for $9.99 at a consignment shop here in Charlotte this week! The pattern in a couple years old, but this is the current equivalent
  • I also picked up these pretty heels while in NYC. 

     My question of the week for y'all: Since I shared the funny stock photo find above, what is the funniest thing that you've found online this week?

     xoxo Miss ALK

September 27, 2016

Britney Spears Piece of Me Las Vegas: Concert Recap.

     I was in Las Vegas for Labor Day Weekend and as an early 22nd birthday celebration earlier this month. The highlight of the trip, and quite honestly the reason that the trip came into being, was so that I could fulfill my lifelong dream of seeing Britney Spears live in concert. Britney has had a residency at Planet Hollywood in Vegas since December 2013, and I knew that I would never forgive myself if I didn’t make it out there to see her perform before her show ended. I traveled to Vegas with my current roommate Ciera, and one of her good friends Priyanka (who has also become a friend of mine!). We all couldn't wait to see Britney perform at last!

Performing 'Til the World Ends
     Britney's residency was just recently extended through 2017, but at the time that I booked the trip her last shows were still planned for September 2016, so I was able to get in just in the knick of time! I’m on a pretty strict budget this year, as I’m paying for broadcasting school myself  (and my college student loan payments begin next month as well...), but I justified making one sort of crazy financial decision and using a good deal of my graduation money for the Vegas trip! While a lot of my 2016 has been wonderful, there have been some very low points as well, and I knew that living out my dream of seeing Britney in Vegas was exactly what I needed to look forward to. 

   Britney Spears performs at The AXIS concert venue inside of Planet Hollywood, which is located right on the Las Vegas Strip. The AXIS is a more intimate concert hall then some of the other ones on the Strip- there really isn't a bad seat in the place! Britney's tickets are not on the cheap side, so we opted to sit further away. Our seats were in section 206 and the tickets cost around $160 a piece. Even though we weren't in a front section, the venue is small enough that we still felt very close to the stage! The concert hall reminded me a lot of my church in Charlotte (Granted I do attend a very large church!), but I feel like you couldn't really have a bad seat no matter what section you were in. 

      We arrived to Planet Hollywood very early, before the doors opened to concert. And once the doors did open, it was another half hour or so until the ushers let people go in and take their seats. But the wait for the concert to begin was almost as much fun as the show itself! In the lobby area of The AXIS, there were displays of some of Britney's most famous concert, awards show, and music video outfits. Of course I had to take a photo with the iconic Oops!...I Did It Again red jumpsuit!

     There was a great playlist of really fun and upbeat dance music that played for about an hour before the show began. But at long last, it was finally time for the main event: Ms. Spears! 

Performing Circus

Performing Toxic (with a jungle twist)

      I basically filled up my phone with pictures from the concert, but later on when I went back and looked at most of them I realized that the majority were blurry- probably due to the fact that I was dancing and singing my (off-key) heart out while also snapping away! So I'm only sharing a couple. I will say though that Britney's performance value of her show was mind-blowing. The lights (especially the lights!), interesting twists on classic hits, her outfits, and most of all, the dancing, was just incredible to see live and first-hand. 100% worth the trip to Vegas! From the time that the show began to almost two hours later when it ended, Britney literally did not stop moving. She was like a dancing Energizer Bunny machine. Absolutely unbelievable! Her dance moves are off-the-charts, and most certainly put mine to shame. ;-)

     My one complaint about the concert is that the set-list seemed to be very focused on some of her later albums, like Blackout and Circus. Britney's most recent album, Glory, also released about a week before we saw her in concert, so naturally she had mixed songs from this album into the setlist as well. Every single song that she performed was fantastic (I can't stress this enough!), but as someone who idolized Britney when I was a little girl and is still obsessed with 90s/early 2000s music, I was a little bit sad that the show didn't focus more on those albums. For example, she performed a brief medley of Oops...! I Did It Again and Baby One More Time... - those are two incredible songs on their own that I don't think ever should be mashed together! But maybe that's just me. Either way, the bottom line is that she was still phenomenal to see live. 

     I didn't shoot any outfit posts in Vegas, as we were only there for the weekend and I wanted to take that weekend off from the blog. But I did write a post last week about some of our favorite restaurants on the Strip that we ate at that are perfect for travelers on a budget- be sure to check out the post if you haven't! Vegas is one of my favorite vacation spots ever, and I know this was definitely not my last trip! (Especially since the Backstreet Boys just announced last week that they're starting their residency next year.... Lord help me!)

     xoxo Miss ALK

September 26, 2016

Pink + Florals.

     I share quite often that my favorite outfits to put together are restyled looks where I take various fashion pieces that I've worn before on the blog and mix and match them into new looks. But out of all the restyled looks that I've shared before- this might just be my favorite!! It combines two of my very favorite things to wear: florals and bold color. 

     I first styled this pretty blouse last winter in this spring fashion preview post. It is still in stock and still selling for an incredibly low price- you can snatch up this pretty little top for under $20! My skirt is from a local Charlotte store that I bought especially for my birthday/blogiversary photos. As soon as I saw this skirt in the store, I knew that I had to have it! Few things to me seem quite as feminine and darling to wear as a hot pink midi skirt. There are literally endless ways to style this, which is why I styled it three different ways on the day that I did the blogiversary photos! Another look will be posted in a few weeks. Even though I found the midi skirt I'm wearing at a local store, I was able to find another pretty pink skirt that's almost identical and available online! 

     These photos were taken at City Lights Rooftop bar in Uptown Charlotte during the same day as my special birthday and blogiversary photoshoot a few weeks ago. A big thank-you again to City Lights for allowing Deeana and I to shoot there. And thank-you to all of you again who have been keeping the city of Charlotte in your thoughts and prayers through last week and this weekend- there has been much tension due to the riots and protests that have occurred! 

     xoxo Miss ALK