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June 26, 2024

Wedding Wednesday: How I Asked My Bridesmaids.

      Today's Wedding Wednesday post has been a much requested topic from some of the Instagram Q&A boxes that I've done the last few months! I've been looking forward to sharing the details with you of how I asked my bridal party to be in the wedding. 


June 18, 2024

Revising my 2024 Word of the Year.

     Each January or February for the past several years, I've selected a "Word of the Year" for myself for that year. Kind of a year-long personal mantra if you will? A word that I always hope will encapsulate my personal growth, experiences and memories during the next 12 months. As per usual in 2024, I had picked a Word of the Year and written a blog post about it back in the winter. But for the first time I ever, I am changing my word midway through the year! 


June 13, 2024

TRAVEL GUIDE: San Juan, Puerto Rico (Updated!)

     Puerto Rico is 100% one of my favorite warm weather travel destinations. I was lucky enough to visit two years apart in 2022 and 2024! I fell in love with Puerto Rico and the charm of San Juan during my first trip, and my second trip just deepened those feelings. San Juan is the capital and largest city in Puerto Rico. PR is a US territory so there is no passport required to visit, and no time change if you're coming from the East Coast! Win win!! I'm excited to update my first San Juan Travel Guide from my 2022 trip, and to now be able to share the best recommendations from my 2022 and 2024 trips! 

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