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May 5, 2020

Lilly Pulitzer Face Masks on Etsy.

     If we have to wear masks, why not make them as cute and fashionable as possible, right? I'm rounding up some adorable face masks made from Lilly Pulitzer fabrics, and all of these are available for purchase now on Etsy! 

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    Now that it's been a few weeks of the CDC guidelines encouraging Americans to wear masks out in public places, I feel a lot more comfortable with it than I did at first. I got groceries for the week on Sunday, and putting on my mask for the store felt like second nature. I've also been a lot more excited to wear masks lately since (to the surprise of no one 😉) I ordered a few masks last week made from Lilly Pulitzer fabric. 

    Lilly Pulitzer themselves have been masking masks with their fabrics, but they've been donating them directly to healthcare heroes. But fortunately to the rest of us Lilly lovers, there are several Etsy shops making and selling masks with Lilly fabric! I've linked the 10 cutest options I could find for you above. They're at a variety of price points, but most are under $20. Even if you aren't the biggest Lilly fan for full normal outfits, you could always brighten up your neutral wardrobe with a fun Lilly face mask! 

    I was planning to get my Lilly masks on Etsy, but I actually ended up ordering through someone directly on Instagram. A fellow Lilly Pulitzer lover that I've been following for several years is Susan, or @madamespoiled. She posted that she had gotten some masks from Joanna at @bermudabaglady, and I ended up ordering from her two! I think she's still making them, so you can also check out her offerings. 

     Where have you found cute face masks from? My first one was an adorable polka dot mask that my co-host Marc's wife Jen made for me, which you can see on my Instagram

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese 


  1. Ahh such a good round up. I actually got a Lilly mask and have gotten soooo many compliments. If you're going to wear a mask, it has to be cute, right?

  2. I am selling Masks made from Lilly Pulitzer fabric on Etsy!


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