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January 27, 2014

Let's talk weddings...

     Last night was the televised live wedding of Bachelor couple Sean and Catherine. Despite the fact that I haven't been watching this season, I am a big fan of the Bachelor and Bachelorette, and I loved Sean's season! He and Catherine are a beautiful couple, and I love how despite the fame and media attention they were able to maintain Christian values in their relationship, such as abstaining from sex until they're married. 

     I was so excited to watch their wedding special... until I found out that the Grammy's were on the same night and at the same time! I LOVE the Grammy's... that's the one awards show that I watch religiously every year, and I was also excited to watch the Grammy's so I could talk about it on-air at my internship this week!

     I ended up mostly watching the Grammy's but then taking a break when the actual wedding ceremony was airing, and goodness am I glad I did that! What a beautiful wedding! Sean and Catherine both looked so happy and in love, and I even found myself tearing up at parts. I pray that God will bless their marriage, and I'm so grateful that the Bachelor franchise has been able to promote a couple that met on the show yet still did things God's way!

Yes I tried to take pictures...

       It's no secret that I would love to be married someday. I pray for my future husband on a daily basis.  I also pray that God would allow me to be content if marriage isn't in His plans for my life (although I truly hope that it is!).

     One thing however that I haven't done is given a lot of thought into what I want my future wedding to be like. I have done this for a reason... I know myself well, and I know that when even a hint of something romantic pops into my life I freak out about it too early, and everytime things don't work out.  I don't think it's wrong to talk to my girlfriends about when I have a crush or something, but there have been a few times when a guy has shown me interest and I've told literally everyone I know: best friends, distant friends, Maine friends, North Carolina friends, parents, extended family..... you get the point! God has really convicted me in the past year of being patient, not just in waiting for the right guy, but in that when I meet a nice guy I need to take my time and wait until things are official before freaking out! Since there's no promise in life that I'll ever get married, I don't want to create all these huge wedding plans for myself now and then see my dream never come true. I would rather try to focus on living a happy and blessed single life right now, and think about wedding plans if that time should come in the future.

     BUT, here are a couple things that I know I would want to think about having or including in my wedding: (all images are from Pinterest)

My favorite color in the world is Tiffany Blue. I'm not sure how I'd want it incorporated into my wedding (whether it would be the big theme color, the bridesmaid's dresses, invitations, cake, a mix of some of these, etc)... but I can promise you this color will be involved in my wedding in SOME way. :-)
Okay I don't want a whole "sermon" given at my wedding, but I want whoever does the ceremony to preach at least for a few minutes to the guests about the importance of Christian faith. My wedding won't just be about me and my guy, it will be about God as well!!
I didn't actually want to post any raunchy boudoir photos on my blog... so this is as close as it will get.  But if I ever get married I think doing a boudoir shoot as a groom's gift would be fun! Plus before the wedding I will hopefully probably be in very good shape, so that would be the time to do it.
Some sort of a Flash Mob dance involving all of the guests, preferably to 90s music! There will be LOTS of 90s and early 2000s music at my wedding. That is a FACT. 
INDIAN FOOD!!!!!!!!!
At least one crazy and over the top centerpiece in the reception hall, and more at every table if that's in the budget ;-) (Although NOT in these colors!- I just like this design!)

     I have no idea what type of wedding dress I'd want. I love things that are flashy and blingy, so I could end up with a very shiny and elaborate dress! Or I could go for something super simple but pair it with some amazing jewelry. Who knows! :-)

     And lastly, a great thing about the blogging community is that it allows me to indulge by creeping looking at all of my favorite bloggers' weddings and filling my wedding fix. :-)

     Did any of you tune into the Bachelor wedding? Or the Grammy's? Thoughts on either?

     xoxo Miss ALK

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  1. I watched the Grammy's instead of The Bachelor wedding, because I didn't follow that season of the show!

    Being single is a beautiful thing, and God will put someone in your life when you least expect it! I always dated when I was vulnerable and needed someone to be there for me through a rough time, which led me to settle. When I became truly happy on my own and with myself and embraced my singleness, I met a wonderful man! Just be patient, God's timing is perfect :)

    I hope that you have a great Monday and have tons of fun with your internship this week!

    XX,SS |

  2. I love Sean and Catherine's wedding. I hated how they focused more about sex than the marriage, though.

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